Vocals Songs

Listed here is the songs associated with Langrisser that have Vocals, this is just a list, for more information click the titles of the song.

Langrisser I

Langrisser III

Langrisser IV

Langrisser V

Langrisser Re: Incarnation

Elthlead Trilogy Soundtracks
ElthleadCrest of GaiaGuyframe
Original Langrisser Music
Langrisser ILangrisser IILangrisser IIILangrisser IVLangrisser V
Langrisser Millennium
Langrisser MillenniumLangrisser Millennium WS
Extreme Langrisser Music
Langrisser SchwarzLangrisser Tri-SwordsLangrisser Re:IncarnationLangrisser Mobile
Offical Albums
Masaya OmnibusLangrisser III Song Album
Vocal Tracks
Don't Stop Your DreamThese Feelings… Can’t Hold Them BackTo the FutureLike a Star...Blood Blade - Beyond Light and Darkness
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