This page concerns the timeline of the Elthlead World, first presented are more basic timelines to show various suggest timelines for the series. After there are more advanced timelines that goes into detail using a timeline from Guyframe's manual and with conjecture based on the games to bring details in from the other games.

At the moment, Langrisser Millenium isn't included as they are in an entirely new world, with only Langrisser connecting them.1

This is the canon timeline for the games developed by original developers for Langrisser pre Extreme ownership.

Langrisser III

Langrisser I

Langrisser II

Langrisser IV

Langrisser V

Below are more advance timeline with plotting the various events of the game on a calendar. This site will use the abbreviation "GY" or Gaia Year as a marker for the timeline events. There is speculation done the various timelines shown, but we will use sources when able from the games, their manuals or other media such as the the various novels.

This timeline, concerns the creation of the universe, is before any of the guys, events listed here will apply to the Ethlead and Langrisser timelines.

First there was Light and Darkness

Lushiris, Chaos, Gendrasil, Eterna and other gods appear from the Light and Darkness

The physical universe is created by the gods

Life springs up on Gaia, the Planet and Crimzonia, the Moon

The super continent on Gaia breaks apart, forming El Sallia, Yeless and Torgam2

Gaia and Crimzonia enter into an arms race, which brings about magical weapons.

Crimzonia constructs a Chaos Gate seeking the powers of the Dark Lord.

Gaia responds by constructing a Lushiris Gate

Crimzonia conquers Gaia

Crimzonia gathers those who are unable to use magic and expels them to Gaia

Crimzonian Landers help Gaia develop powerful weapons.

After hundreds of years of oppression Gaia rebels

The rebellion ends with Crimzonia knocked into a new orbit by a magical force, beginning a cycle of the red moon passing Gaia every 200 years.

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