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The goddess blade, forge to defend the world from evil. The sword is a national treasure of the Elthlead and later Baldea kingdoms.

"In ancient times there was a heavenly blade… which gave its wielder great power: the legendary holy sword, Langrisser. Greedy ambitions drove men to attempt to steal it… While the righteous defended it with their lives. Much blood was spilt. However, the Baldea royal family, descended from ancient heroes… has protected Langrisser throughout the ages." - Opening to Langrisser I


  • Japanese:ラングリッサー
  • English: Langrisser
  • Warsong1


Langrisser is a symbol of the Descendants of Light, and their goddess Lushiris. With the power to repel evil it is the perfect weapon to fight the forces of darkness. It is the only weapon that capable of fighting the dark god, Chaos.

Langrisser has another ability, first seen in Der Langrisser on a non canonical path. The sword holds the powaer to summon shade from it memories. When first seen it summon Seighart and Ledin. The mobile game expanded this ability. The shades aren't solely the Descendants of Light but other heroes that have been involved in its history such as Scott or Angelina.

This also includes an idea, as the Army of Swordsmiths is able to summon Böser. Though this is not the real Böser but a shade based on all the memories contained with Langrisser.

The histories contain within the blade aren't just the canonical paths but included the alternative paths that the heroes could have taken. This is shown through Erwin who's spilt apart even showing events not covered in Langrisser II such as an Erwin that ran away from the war.


Originally the Haja No Ken, a counterfeit Alhazard, before it was transformed through the power of Lushiris to ward off the evils of Chaos. This blade has been at the center of every major conflict of Gaia since its creation. It is a blade in which only the Descendants of Light may wield.

The details of its being reformed into the legendary blade are given in Langrisser III.

At the end of Langrisser III, it is sealed and kept protected by the royal family of Elthlead and eventually their descendants those of the kingdom of Baldea. Until Kaiser Digos came and stole the sword, releasing its demonic steel. Baldea's heir, Prince Ledin, would eventually reclaim the sword.

Langrisser I
Langrisser which has been protected by the descendants of Elthlead for over 200 years has it seal broken suddenly when the Dalsis Empire attacks Baldea.

Kaiser Digos steals the blade, hoping to use its power to unite the continent under his command. Eventually, Ledin and the Baldean forces are able to retrieve the blade, but then they find they must use Ethlead's Might to stop the Demon Tribe.

At the end of Langrisser I, Ledin reseals the blade.

Langrisser II
At the end of the events of Langrisser II, Langrisser, along with Alhazard are sealed by the Maidens of Light and becomes the Sage Crystal, this crystal is then taken to the heavens.

Langrisser IV
At some point the demon Grandesil steals the Sage Crystal from the heavens, but loses it. The Crystal ends up in a small village in the Regenburgh Federation.

Langrisser V

While Jessica is making her way to El Sallia, to the Lushiris Gate in ancient Baldea, the Velzerian Geier steals both Langrisser and Alhazard.

In the ensuing events of the game, Sigma is able to lay claim to the sword and uses it power to destroy the moon threatening Gaia.

However, Langrisser is broken in the process. At the end of V, Langrisser lay shattered in an unknown lake.

Langrisser Mobile
The holy blade has laid shattered for a hundred and fifty years, when the Goddess tasks Matthew and his friends to reforge the Holy Blade. Dub the Swordsmith Legion they set out for this task.

In-Game Item Descriptions

  • Langrisser II (MD) (Sealed): "A sacred sword made by Sieghart containing the power of the Goddess of Light Lushiris."
  • Langrisser II (MD)(Unsealed): "A sacred sword containing the power of the Goddess of Light, Lushiris."
  • Langrisser I&II (Sealed): "The Legendary holy blade forged by King Sieghart of Elthlead."
  • Langrisser I&II (Unsealed): "Blessed with the holy power of Lushiris."
  • Langrisser III: "The Haja no Ken, enfused with Sieghart's soul. Drawing on the divine protection of the Goddess of Light, Lushiris, it has the power to face the Alhazard.
  • Langrisser IV: "Forged by King Sieghart in the ages when dark and light were at war. Blessed by the Goddess Lushiris, it opposes the dark sword."
  • Langrisser Re:Incarnation: "The holy sword enshrined at the Borcelaine church that is said to guide its wielder."
  • Langrisser Re:Incarnation (True Langrisser): "Langrisser, awakened by the wielder's desire. It is the counterpart to Alhazard."
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