A legendary holy sword used by an ancient hero.

"Yes. This sword will aid you. Please accept it as my gift. I beg you, for the sake of this world, and the salvation of thy soul…" - Unnamed Goddess who gives Landius Excalibur, Langrisser IV, Scenario 17a/20c


  • Japanese: エクスカリバー
  • English: Excalibur


This legendary sword is said to have been crafted in a special way and decorated intricately. Its wielders are said to be protected by the gods and are given the ability to cast Holy Blaze. It is said an ancient hero once held this blade.

The Excalibur does not appear in Langrisser I&II

In Langrisser III, Excalibur is found in Scenario 32 when Diehärte's company's travels to the heart of Barral's Kingdom. If a hero steps on a magical symbol in the northwest tower of the castle, the room is bathed in brilliant light and a mysterious woman appears with a sparkling sword in her hand, she noticed that the hero is guided by the Goddess of Light and asked which power they desire more, sword or magic. Upon answering "the power of Sword," Excalibur is granted.

In Langrisser IV this holy blade made be found in either Scenario 17a (10,29) or Scenario 20c (10,29). When Landius noticed four pillars in the middle of a pond before the bridge, he wondered if what he saw in the middle is a natural formation or not. Suddenly, a vortex appears in the center and a goddess appeared. She tells Landius: "I have been waiting for you. You will face many hardships in the future, but you are the one who will guide this world."

Then handing him a sword she says, that the sword will aid him and save both the world and his soul. After that, the goddess disappears.

In Langrisser V, the Excalibur is obtained in Scenario 20, when examining a lotus below the second tall pillar. It may also be obtained in Scenario 31, when going to the statue on the left.

In-Game Item Descriptions

  • Langrisser III: "The legendary holy sword. Its blade was crafted in a special way. Its wielder is said to be protected by the gods."
  • Langrisser IV: "A holy sword with an intricately carved blade. Said to have been used by an ancient hero, its wielder gains divine protection. Can cast the spell Holy Blaze."
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