Devil Axe


An Evil Axe with a deadly aura, it causes most warriors who use it to go into a murderous rage


Used in Classic Series, Langrisser I-V

  • Japanese:デビルアックス
  • English: Devil Axe
    • Evil Axe1

Used in Langrisser Mobile

  • Chinese: 恶魔之吻
    • Devil Kiss
  • Japanese: 悪魔の接吻
    • Literally Kiss of the Devil
  • English Devil Axe2


It is first seen in Langrisser I (Genesis), there it is the weapon which is in the vault of Kaiser Digos along with Langrisser. In the remakes, this weapon is found in Scenario 4 (29, 24), in the Forest of Death.

In Langrisser II, the Devil Axe is carried by an Assassin and upon his defeat, the Army of Light receives the weapon. While in its remake, Der Langrisser this weapon is given a part of the opening quiz, When the Goddess asks, "When confronted by being of evil, how do you perceive it?" and the player answers "A being to worship."

In Langrisser III the Devil Axe may be obtained in Scenario 5, when someone of Dieharte's group examines a grouping of three trees near the starting position they find a random spirit. The Spirit looks at the player with curiosity, if you do nothing, suddenly the spirit vanishes and voices asks "Why have you come here," if you respond nonchalantly, the voice questions your intelligence, before deciding that the lack thereof makes you worthy to wield the Devil Axe.

In Langrisser IV & V the Devil Axe is much more numerous found equipped by enemy commanders in later stage scenarios and even purchasable.

The weapon is locationed in Fjitt port during the events of Langrisser V, Scenario 9 head to the alley with a lone barrel above Jessica. There the player can find the Devil Axe with the statement: "Inside the barrel in the dark alley was an eerie aura…"3

In-Game Item Descriptions

  • Langrisser II (MD): "a great axe which is infused with a strong enchantment."
  • Langrisser I&II: "A great axe, smeared in blood, bearing an ancient curse."
  • Langrisser III: "A blood-stained greataxe, enchanted with power in ages past. It binds its wielder with fear, so that only the berserk are suited to wield it."
  • Langrisser IV: "A cursed axe that maddens its possessor. He who wields it enters a blind rage, thinking only of their enemy, and neglecting defense."
  • Langrisser Mobile: "It is not a happy feeling to be kissed by it."
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