The Descendants Of Light
Langrisser I-III Relationship Chart
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The descendants of light are those whose ancestors were present when Langrisser was forged.

Langrisser I

Langrisser II

Langrisser V

Langrisser Re:Incarnation

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The Descendants Of Light

Note: Langrisser I establishes the initial lines, while Langirsser III explains them, as such Langrisser I forms the lines names unless data from III provides a better naming scheme.

This List Leaves the lines of following unnamed at the moment

  • Chris
  • Taylor
  • Throne
  • Albert
Alternative Table
Name Line Langrisser III Ancestor Other Notes
Isaac Elthlead Lewin
Ledin Elthlead Lewin
Narm Torrand Luna Married into Kalxath Line
Chris Ancestors Never Established Married into Baldea Line
Throne Ancestors Never Established
Taylor Ancestors Never Established
Jessica Avatar of Lushiris None As Lushiris' avatar she is not part of any line, but may still wield Langrisser
Albert Ancestors Never Established
Hawking Salarth Ancestors Never Established Langrisser II confirms Salrath's status as Descendant of Light
Lance Kalxath Ancestors Never Established
Digos Kliest Re:Incarnation Establishes more information on this Line
Erwin Elthlead Lewin Line saved by Doren
Cherie Kalxath Luna
Leon Klaus Diehärte Leon dies in battle with no known descendants, Klaus Line ends with Leon
Liana Warden Sophia
Lána Warden Sophia
Loren Salrath Ancestors Never Established Scott is adopted, Salrath line ends with Loren
Clarett Kalxath Luna
Sigma Kalxath or Kliest Altemüller and Luna Was Werner Von Egil a Descedant of the Light because he is cousin to Kalxath's Queen or because his ancestor was Altemüller?
Omega Unknown Ancestors Never Established Omega's ability to use Langrisser is made clear in V, but all we know of his past is that he was an orphan who Gizlof took in. Making uncertain how he's a descendant of Light. Further Omega dies as the end of V so there is no line for him.
Newer Games
Ares Kliest
Licorice Kliest
Julian Kalaxth
Amelda Unknown Langrisser Mobile has not yet Revealed
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