For the main avatar of Chaos, see Böser (Character).


Böser is the avatar of Chaos created to lead Velzeria and the Demon Tribe in conquering Gaia.


  • Japanese: ボーゼル
  • English: Böser
  • Also Romanized as: Ganelon1, Boser2 Bozel3, and Bosel4

Name Etymology

Böser: German, meaning "more evil."


An avatar created from a human host by the dark god, Chaos. This avatar is given the title the Dark Prince and is renamed Böser. He is to serve as the King of Velzeria and must advance the demon tribes goal of conquering the world.

When Chaos created Böser is unstated in-game. All that is certain is that the main Böser seen throughout the series was once the Rigüler Prince, Paul and we see his predecessor killed in the events of Langrisser III.

Upon becoming Böser, a person is granted certain powers by the dreaded god. Begining with a portion of the God of Disorder's power, but it also includes eternal life as well as the Dark Prince's armor the ability to wield Alhazard. Moreover, Velzerian evils attend to the avatar's will. These Velzerians also serve the purpose of helping the new avatar acclimate into the role, seen specifically in three with Rag, Grove, and Ferakia.

Most often, Chaos chooses for his avatar the most corrupt and vile of humans, however if another grabs Alhazard before Chaos has chosen his new soul, then they are transformed into the new avatar. This happens in the case of Altemüller and likely Licorice.

In such a case, if the person has a powerful enough will they are able to reject the dark power and return to former lives, seen specifically in Altemüller's case.

Not everyone who picks up the blade will transform into Chaos' avatar. Specifically, those humans whom Chaos has already empowered, demons, and half-demons can use the blade without becoming the next avatar. In the series this is demonstrated by Sonya, a half demon and Geier, a former human.

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