Assault Suit


A giant armor which fell from the sky in the distant past.


  • Japanese: アサルトスーツ
  • English: Assault Suit


An ancient armor which legend said fell from the heavens. It is made from unknown alloys and crafted by an unknown civilization. The size of this armor has made some wonder if it's for a giant humanoid, in truth its torso reveals a cockpit.

On its shoulder is written Zear-I.


The item is an reference to the Assault Suit series another series developed by NCS. The Assault Suit that appears Langrisser series is a homage to Assault Suit Leynos(Target Earth in USA) where a character who shares a name with Lance operate an Assault Suit codenamed Zear-1.

In-Game Item Descriptions

  • Langrisser II (MD): "A mass of iron molded into human form."
  • Der Langrisser: "Said to have fallen from the sky. Was it crafted by humans …?"
  • Langrisser I&II: "It's said to have fallen from the sky. Was it shaped by man?"
  • Langrisser III: "Armor for a giant humanoid fashioned from steel. It is inscribed with the letters "ZEAR-I." A boon from an unknown civilization."
  • Langrisser IV: "Full body armor forged from unknown alloys. The torso section contains a seat. "ZEAR-1" is written on the shoulders. A gift from an unknown civilization."
  • Langrisser Re:Incarnation: "A strange suit that covers the user. The suit is more piloted than worn."
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