Appearance in Dramatic Edition


The dark blade of Chaos. This blade is often used by evil.


  • Japanese: アルハザード
  • English: Alhazard


Langrisser III

Stuff Prior to this…

In Diehärte's battle against Böser-Altemüller, the former Field Marshal is able to rid himself of the influence of the sword. Thereafter, they take both Alhazard and with the power of Langrisser and the Dark Rod they seal it. Jessica then suggests that both Alhazard and the Rod that holds it seal be separate it. Presumably, this is when the Dark Rod makes its way to Reitel while Alhazard is sealed in another spot.

Langrisser I

Alhazard remains sealed during the events of Langrisser I.

Langrisser II

It is not until the events of Langrisser II, that the wicked blade's slumber is disturbed. Bernhardt, a powerful and intelligent mercenary who wishes to unite all of El Sallia, sought the blade to have the power to do so.

Langrisser IV

At Boser's death, he sends Alhazard away so that darkness and in truth, Boser will not depart from the world. For as long as Alhazard exists and anew Boser hasn't been appointed, he will always return and with him Chaos.

Langrisser V

Langrisser V Alhazard is sought by the Crimzonians who see the blade as the "True Sacred Sword." The Hajo-no-ken being a mere copy of this-blade.

Before Jessica can return to the heavens, the Demon Tribe attacks and Geier is able to steal the blades.

In-Game Item Description

  • Langrisser II (MD): "Langriser's counterpart, the Demon Sword of Darkness."
  • Der Langrisser: "A blade of darkness infused with Chaos' power."
  • Langrisser I&II: "A blade of darkness bearing the power of Chaos, god of darkness."
  • Langrisser III: "The demon blade of darkness created by Chaos, the god of mayhem. Its wielder draws on the dark power of Chaos."
  • Langrisser IV: "The evil sword forged by Chaos. Favored by Böser, the one chosen by this sword is said to gain control over all monsters."
  • Langrisser V: ?
  • Langrisser Re:Incarnation:"The sword responsible for the Empire's fortune. It is said to impart knowledge to its wielder."
  • Langrisser Re:Incarnation (True Alhazard):"Alhazard with its true power awakened. It is the counterpart to Langrisser."
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