An important aspect of the Langrisser Series is the music, with Noriyuki Iwadare composing many of the tracks fearured in the series. This section will go into details about the music, discovering the names of tracks, those who compose them, and recording the lyrics.

Music Information

Elthlead Trilogy Soundtracks
ElthleadCrest of GaiaGuyframe
Original Langrisser Music
Langrisser ILangrisser IILangrisser IIILangrisser IVLangrisser V
Langrisser Millennium
Langrisser MillenniumLangrisser Millennium WS
Extreme Langrisser Music
Langrisser SchwarzLangrisser Tri-SwordsLangrisser Re:IncarnationLangrisser Mobile
Offical Albums
Masaya OmnibusLangrisser III Song Album
Vocal Tracks
Don't Stop Your DreamThese Feelings… Can’t Hold Them BackTo the FutureLike a Star...Blood Blade - Beyond Light and Darkness
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