Personal Data
Japanese エルラード
Location El Sallia
Other Names Ruins of Elrad


The Ruins of Elrad lie in a distant land. These ruins were the resting place of the Holy Rod


  • Japanese: エルラード
  • English: Elrad


Elrad once a temple which by the events of Langrisser II had long been deserted and had become ruins. These ruins housed the Holy Rod. Erwin with his companions hurry to the ruins so that they may remove the seal on the holy sword Langrisser. Nevertheless, Erwin and his companion arrive at the same time that the Blue Dragon knights arrive.

They find the Holy Rod upon an altar in the temple.

The Elrad Ruins appear once more in Langrisser Re:Incarnation, here, however, they appear to be the ruins if Baldea Castle instead of the ancient temple in Langrisser II.

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