Personal Data
Japanese バルディア
Capital Castle Baldea
Goverment Monarchy
Religion Lushiris Worship
Predominate Race Human


The kingdom tasked with keeping the holy sword Langrisser safe.


  • Japanese: バルディア
  • English: Baldea
  • Baltia1


Baldea was once a forest in central El Sallia which housed the Lushiris gate and where the avatar of Lushiris, Jessica, resided prior to the events of Langrisser 3.

After Diehärte and his army were able to liberate the former kingdom of Larcuss, Viscount Raymond took the throne name of Sieghart and refounded the former kingdom of Larcuss as the country of Elthlead a mythological name which was said to mean "overflowing with light."

After Sieghart fused with the Hajo no Ken and forged Langrisser, his young son, Lewin became the next king. Lewin would rule with the help of many of those who helped to secure El Sallia's future.

In time the kingdom of Elthlead would give way to the Kingdom of Baldea, but its royal family would remain the descendants of Lewin and would continue to protect the holy sword, Langrisser.

By the time that Langrisser I takes place, Baldea was ruled by King Isaac. A fair ruler and one of the few people who remembered the purpose for Baldea's foundation, to protect the Holy Sword Langrisser. The Dalsis Empire suddenly attacks the small kingdom and before they are able to get reinforcements Baldea falls.

Its young prince, Ledin, is able to escape and goes to Baldea's ally the Dukedom of Salrath. Ledin is able to recruit more forces and travels back to Baldea castle. After a fierce battle, Ledin defeats the Dalsis General Xeld and liberates the kingdom. Following the victory at Baldea Castle, the Baldean forces rid the rest of the land of Dalsis Forces before turning toward the Empire itself to retrieve Langrisser.

Following the war with Dalsis and then Velzeria, Baldea unifies the continent of El Sallia.

However in the intervening years between Langrisser I and Langrisser II, Baldea begins to weaken.

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