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Langrisser Mobile


  • Height/Weight: 174cm/66kg
  • Allegiance: New Brave

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A teenager living in the Kalxath Plains. When his childhood sweetheart Almeda is arrested by the Hyborea Empire, he is also drawn into the El Sallian continental war.

A warrior chosen by the Goddess to embark on a journey to recast Langrisser and defeat all darkness on the continent. Step by step he discovers his true self in the course of his adventure.

"Our adventure will carry on along this path!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The righteous but slightly weak hero reluctantly embarks on an adventure.

As an abandoned orphan, he's taken in by the Dovalu Village chief and doesn't care where he comes from.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

When it's certain that there is no turning back, he accepts his fate until the bitter end. He grows stronger and stronger with every battle.

As the war goes on, he becomes aware his own insignificance… There are too many questions in his mind: What exactly does the Dark Prince want? Who am I? Also, who is that mysterious girl…?

A Hero's Legacy - 4

With a keen sense of his own limitations, he earnestly studies the heroes from past ages. But there are some things, like a kingly spirit, that just can't be learned…

"The Goddess has decided my fate, so I'll need to make it work, one step at a time."

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Even when setting forth on his journey to recast the sword, Langrisser drifts from his mind the further he goes. At some point, Matthew can't even picture the shape of the sword.

The world believes that Alhazard takes away the holder's personality, bringing about endless chaos and war. But Matthew just can't understand - is the weapon known as Alhazard really that evil?

"In this world, there is no predestined good and evil… at least this is what I believe for now."


  • Height/Weight: 163cm/46kg
  • Measurements: 82/46/84
  • Allegiance: New Brave

A Hero's Legacy - 1

Born in Kalxath to the Descendants of Light, she is pursued by the Empire of Hyborea due to her lineage. Together with her childhood friends Matthew and Grenier, she sets out on a life of hardship.

After accepting the power of the Goddess, she bears the solemn mission of the Descendants of Light to recast Langrisser. She has the power to cross the Time Rifts and summon mighty heroes through Langrisser's Memory which is scattered around El Sallia.

"There is something extraordinary brewing within me.. Get ready to protect me at a moment's notice!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Because the shards of Langrisser were deposited into her body, she can attach to Lushiris' being, floating in the air like a sorceress.

Her body takes on an mysterious and powerful aura. Almeda possesses a roasting ability that stuns her enemies.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

At the beginning of her adventure, Almeda is thrilled - at last, she could leave her boring village life. The outside world is so strange and colorful.

But cruel reality soon changes her mind. The threat of darkness approaches and each time she hesitates, more innocents die. She knows that it is no longer possible to return to her peaceful life.

"How carefree I used to be in the Kalxath forest… I can't go back to it anymore…"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Heroes from different times and different places gradually gather around her, making her feel like she is also a hero of legend.

In the dead of night, Almeda often opens the Time Bell by herself. She knows that only by opening the bell can she see the memories of Langrisser, and perhaps even understand where her bloodline comes from…

Almeda realizes that Grenier's father never told her who her parents were. She only remembers that her uncle always exhorts the two boys around her to protect her. Next time when she gets a chance, she will have to ask her uncle to explain.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Each time she enters a Time Rift, the Langrisser's power gathers in Almeda's body, and her soul is filled by a bright power: Langrisser is whispering to her.

Almeda does not know what fate will hold when Langrisser is recast, but she knows that Langrisser was forged by the soul of an ancient king. Even if she has to give up her own soul, she won't hesitate… she just doesn't know how to tell her friends.

"Although I shoulder an incredible fate… I'm just a girl after all…"


  • Height/Weight: 177cm/69kg
  • Allegiance: New Brave

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The 17-year-old captain of the town guards who grew up with Matthew and Almeda, playing the role of a responsible big brother. Because the assault of the Holy Army of the Hyborea Empire upon Dovalu Village and afraid of his father's fate, as the guard captain he launches a counterattack as soon as he is able.

Yearning to become a hero, he doesn't know where to study the intricacies of battle-tactics, however he has a strange intuition of the plans of Velzeria.

"Don't worry too much. I don't get those grand ideals, but I'll be with you even if it means I have to go to hell and back!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The shabby appearance of this frank and cheeky boy conceals considerable strength.

As he's a bit older than Matthew and Almeda, he's always acted as their big brother.

"Ah, those two! I can't relax if they're not with me."

A Hero's Legacy - 3

"This is my first time out of the village! There's nothing special about the outside world!"

With this idea in mind, he faces challenges with confidence. Even demon forces can't scare him off.

After undertaking a long journey and learning that even his hometown has been consumed by the flames of war, he is secretly determined to seek vengeance on the Dark Prince.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

"He feels his strength slowly but surely building up, but there is still a long way to go before he can reach the greatness of those heroes from the legends. Maybe a masters in heroic deeds is required?

"I must seek revenge. If you even give up your hometown, what's the point of being the pride of your father?"

A Hero's Legacy - 5

As the adventure goes further, his hopes and wishes start taking shape.

He does not carry Langrisser, nor Alhazard, but for Grenier his companions always come first.

"I want to win the war and bring those two back safely! It's that simple."


  • Height/Weight: ? - ?
  • Measurements: 90/48/87
  • Allegiance: Guide of Light and Hope

A Hero's Legacy - 1

More than anyone, Jessica understands the history of Langrisser and Alhazard… An archmage and historical witness living through the battles of the Holy Sword.

In the unceasing battles with the Dark Forces, she relies on her rebirth spell to extend her life as the voice of Lushiris in the human world.

"The Goddess blesses everyone!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Gentle and loving, she instructs countless heroes to accomplish great deeds, and teaches generation after generation of apprentices.

Her compassion and warm guiding of mankind towards good shows the character of the Goddess she represents.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Jessica has fought under many identities throughout the historic of wars of Langrisser. She has been the guardian of the Lushiris gate, mage of the high court, and an ethereal hermit in seclusion.

No matter what her identity or when her last rebirth took place, the Descendants of Light always end up meeting her and with her help defeat the Darkness.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

As the Avatar of Lushiris, for a thousand years, Jessica has been silently protecting the world. She is constantly aware of new happenings concerning Langrisser and Alhazard.

She uses her spell of rebirth to extend her life. Though the process of rebirth usually requires guardianship, it nevertheless ensures that Jessica obtains the upper hand in the endless battle between Langrisser and Alhazard.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

With the self-sacrifice of the Goddess Lushiris, Jessica's strength is reduced. On top of this the invasion of the demons is occurring earlier than the expected two-hundred-year cycle.

Losing contact with the Goddess, Jessica is anxiously looking for a new way to fight the demons. With her remaining power, she summons a past self to assist the Swordsmith Legion.


  • Height/Weight: ? -?
  • Allegiance: Demon Kingdom of Velzeria

A Hero's Legacy - 1

An evil being who has been vanquished and resurrected numerous times over hundreds of years, the Dark Prince ignites confusion and conflict in the world in the name of Chaos.

He commands the vast monsters of Velzeria, casting his greedy eyes upon the entire El Sallia continent.

When the Dark Master appears in your army, everyone is paralyzed by fear…

"The Dark Prince is here, kneel before me!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Insidious, cunning, ambitious, evil, and fanatical.

A being of hatred, the name Bozel refers not to a single person, but rather the title given to Chaos' Avatar.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

From the perspective of the Demon Tribe, Bozel has been a sad symbol for repeated war and repeated defeat for centuries.

On the other hand, for the Light, Bozel is seen as the mastermind behind countless wars around the world.

As For himself, his eternal wish is to capture Alhazard and let demons rule the world.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

At the end of every legend, Bozel falls to the wielders of Langrisser.

In contrast to Jessica who protects the hope of Light, Bozel, the Dark Prince, carries the will of Chaos, generation after generation, bringing terrible darkness to the world, and perpetuating the war between Light and Darkness…

A Hero's Legacy - 5

As the ultimate dark force, Bozel is summoned by a Time Rift and appears in front of everyone. He is not a worldly being, but rather the collective image of the countless battles between Bozel and Langrisser in the void.

"The struggle between Light and Darkness has trapped us in this cycle. We are all but pawns! But this time, I'm going to fight for myself!"


  • Height/Weight: 162cm / 42kg
  • Measurements: 78/44/76
  • Allegiance: ???

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A pale demon girl in white, and one of the key figures in the war of light and darkness. She is drawn to Matthew's demonic blood, meeting him on a dark night filled with monsters. She uses her mighty power to obliterate all the enemies in their path.

"My name is Zerida. I already told you, I'm just a girl passing by. What's your name?"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Unable to tell good from evil or love from hate, Zerida seeks to learn all she can about this world. She becomes close to Matthew due to his demonic bloodline and finds herself caught up in the adventures of the Swordsmith Legion.

However, this is not the true Zerida. Her other identity is that of the Demon Knight, who will bring nothing but blood and slaughter to the continent…

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Similar to Langrisser, Alhazard has been out of the Demon Tribe's hands since the last great war. In order to revive Chaos, the God of Darkness, the dark prince Bozel is in dire need of blood and death to craft a new Alhazard, thus determining the unchangeable destiny of Zerida.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

With the completion of Bozel's plan, the five bloodmarks are marked on the continent, and the dark knight has finished accumulating dark power. Soon, a new demon sword will be born…

"Even if my body is destroyed, and I disappear from this world, I will still like you, as always… If it is possible, in the next life… I want to be your sword, keeping you company forever…"

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Zerida disappears, and this incident becomes a dark shadow permanently burned into Matthew's heart.

But among the Swordsmith Legion's heroes, there is another cheeky and naughty hero…

…What's this hero's name again?


  • Height/Weight: 163cm/46kg
  • Measurements: 81/44/83
  • Allegiance: Messenger of Justice

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A loyal member of the Swordsmith Legion and the apprentice of the eternal Archmage Jessica. Although she isn't proficient in any battle-related magic at all, she was abducted by Imperial Soldiers. Fortunately Matthew came to the rescue helped her find Jessica.

This one-of-a-kind mage studies magical engineering, and is obsessed with engineering mechanisms from ancient civilizations. She sometimes even comes up with ground-breaking

"What? It's my turn? Do I really have what it takes?"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

With a wandering mind, Angelica is not easy to get flustered. Even when she is surrounded by the enemy, she can go store at the market and has frequently been the root cause for Matthew's worries.

Angelica only has the best intentions and assigns the Swordsmith Legion with some tasks where they just can't say know - and very often the legion ends up in great danger.

"Get me some tweezers! Ahhhhhh, it hurts! Where are all my tools?"

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Angelica might commit the odd blunder here and there, but her inventions are of enormous value to Matthew and the others. She constructs magic robots for the Legion and rebuilt the Floating City to help countless people flee from the grip of cruel mercenaries. It's safe to say that Angelica has played an important role in El Sallia's latest adventure.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Now that the Floating City has been rebuilt, Angelica is on the hunt for new goals. She knows full well that the Swordsmith Legion still has a long journey ahead… Should she construct some new transportation methods for Matthew and the others?

"One day, the airship will return to the skies. You will witness it together with me…"

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Maybe it was the loneliness of watching everyone from afar or Jessica's continuous encouragement, but Angelica one day decided to join the team even though she doesn't know any battle techniques! Her mysterious inventions will surely cause a headache for friend and foe alike!

"Next time, I'll come up with something new!"


  • Height/Weight: 175cm/?
  • Measurements: 89/54/86
  • Allegiance: Ibbas Federation

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The Elf Tribe resides in and guards the Allence Woods. Alustriel is the Captain of the Elf Mercenaries. On her shoulders rests the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of the Elf Tribe. To ensure that they successfully complete their mission. Alustriel allied herself with the Ibbas Federation.

"Human lives are so short. To us Elves… dedicating one's life to protecting something is a very normal thing to do."

A Hero's Legacy - 2

When Sissi White's father suddenly passed away. Alustriel, just like everyone else, did not believe that she would be capable of inheriting the position of Financial Chief. But when Sissi White was threatened by innumerable forces, she was not afraid, and it was Alustriel who overcame the challenges by her side. In the end, the two of them cultivated a strong bond of mutual trust, and sine then Alustriel has had a new mission - protecting everything Sissi White cares about.

"You ask me why I follow Sissi White? Because the Lady… is worth protecting don't you think?"

A Hero's Legacy - 3

In other peoples' minds, Alustriel is synonymous with reliability. No matter what kind of dilemma she faces, she can resolve it with a calm mind. At least, that was until McAvoy appeared, who is the only puzzle she is unable to resolve.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Perhaps in Alustriel's dreams she tried to return to that day countless times fantasizing about delivering that letter to McAvoy. But the mission she shoulders reminds her of the reality that she must protect the Emerald Gate. That dream… will never be realized.

In the language of the Elves "sadness" and "regret" are the same word…

A Hero's Legacy - 5

After Matthew and the others boarded the airship. Alustriel followed the instructions in McAvoy's letter and found her secret garden in the City of Carmen. But some things can never be regained once they are lost. Perhaps only the White Wolf can replace that person for Alustriel and accompany her…

"McAvoy… was simply my partner in guarding the Union. Beyond this capacity, I do not wish to discuss it any further…"

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