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Langrisser IV


  • Height/Weight: 167cm/46kg
  • Measurements: 84/55/83
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Caconsis

A Hero's Legacy - 1

One of the twin princesses of the Kingdom of Caconsis, she controls a beautiful indigo horse that pierces the sky.

A carefree princess not at all spoiled by her royal upbringing. She excels in swordsmanship and has a brave and resolute heart, perfectly complementing her sister Shelfaniel, who is good at providing magical support.

"I am my sister's sword."

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Angelina's heart lies delicate and fragile under her tough exterior. She knows she can never compete with her sister's noble beauty. Because of her strong heart, she hides her inner pain and feelings of inferiority forever… These feelings torture her every day.

Gizarof plots to attack her on her way back from the Federation. Rescued by Landius and his party, she joins them on their adventure.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Because of her deep bond with Landius, even her father's command cannot not stop Angelina's determination, which leads to her facing her sister Shelfaniel in battle.

After her father's death at the hands of the Demon Tribe, Angelina, with Landius' help, opens her heart to her sister and together they foil Gizarof's plot.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After the end of the war, Angelina, who emerges from the war as a glorious General of Caconsis, became a goddess of war to the surrounding countries, guarding peace on the continent.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

After being summoned, Angelina is delighted that she no longer has to assist her father. She begins a new adventure with gratitude and hope.

"This time, my sword not only fights for my sister, but also for myself!"


  • Height/Weight: 164cm/42kg
  • Measurements: 79/50/80
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Caconsis

A Hero's Legacy - 1

Princess of the Kingdom of Caconsis, and Angelina's twin sister.

Beneath her gentle and beautiful exterior lies amazing magic power. Though weak-willed, she embarks on a great adventure with Landius.

"I'll try my best to help you, just as I did for my father."

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Gentle and reserved, she helped the conceited and incompetent King Caconsis from an early age, thus cultivating various abilities related to internal affairs and housework.

Drawn into Gizarof's plot to throw the continent in turmoil, she is attacked on her way home from the Federation and teams up with Landius.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

But because the respectful and conservative Shelfaniel is unable to resist the imperious orders of her father and king, she has to face Landius, who once saved her life, and even her dear sister in battle.

After her father is assassinated by the Demon Tribe, she joins Landius, determined to crush the dark ambitions of Gizarof.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After the war, she inherits the throne as the first princess, and puts all of her efforts into restoring the Kingdom of Caconsis.

After she ascends to the throne, she ushers in a golden age for Caconsis in a very short space of time. Shelfaniel's name, as a great queen, has been passed down from generation to generation.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Shelfaniel is beautiful, with a motherly tenderness like the sun, and is determined to help the Swordsmith Legion achieve victory.

"Let me help you, as before."


  • Height/Weight: 184cm/75kg
  • Allegiance: Regenburg Federation

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A resourceful and brave general of the Regenburg Federation, deeply respected by his soldiers.

Though in an esteemed position, he doesn't shy away from the common people such as his lieutenants and subordinates.

"[We have achieved this thanks to our mutual trust and our common goals.]"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The son of Ronbelt, the Lord of Sutherland. Owing to his heroic bearing and matchless talents, he was promoted to the rank of General soon after he joined the Federation Army. Though serving under Gizarof, Lanford was cautious about Gizarof's ambitions and started an investigation in secret.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

After King Cleoness' demise, Lanford supported Prince Fredrick, and therefore broke with Gizarof who aimed to enthrone his own son, Kreuger. By meditating between the Kingdom of Caconsis and Kreuger's army, he successfully prevented Gizarof's dominance. Knowing Gizarof's wild ambitions, he joined Landius' forces and started fighting against their evil enemies.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After Gizarof's death, he became the Chief Commander of the Federation Army. However, abetted by Rainforce, his father Ronbelt rebelled against the Federation. As a result, Lanford was framed and put into prison by Feraquea, who disguised herself as the son of the former prime minster.

Later, after being rescued by Landius, Lanford struggled and finally shattered the dark crystal, breaking his family's curse.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Recently, Lanford has been summoned to this world. With his talents, valor, and a passion for history and strategy, he will be a great help on El Sallia's battlefield.

"Let's look past vanity and prejudice and fight for our truest faith."


  • Height/Weight: 172cm/51kg
  • Measurements: 84/55/83
  • Allegiance: Dark Kingdom of Velzeria

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A descendant of the demon tribe who once served under Bozel. After failing several missions, she began to fear her master, and later was accepted by Landius as a companion.

With her impressive abilities and abundant knowledge, she helped Landius foil the plots of the dark forces.

"So, these are… the emotions of humankind?"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

When Listell first met Landius, she was commanded by her master Bozel, who disguised himself as Faelart to help Landius break through an encirclement. Later, after Landius declined her proposal to align with the demon tribe, Listell tried to ambush him, forcing him to submit, but was defeated by him in the end. Fearing punishment from Bozel, she betrayed her master and joined forces with Landius.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

At first, her fierce disposition made her unwelcome among her companions. As time passed, she gradually understood the emotions of humans, becoming tender and sensible.

"Friendship? What's that? We demons know nothing such things. Will you teach me?"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After the war, Listell tried to integrate into human society. Though this process was much harder than she thought it'd be, thanks to Landius and her other companions, Listell walked toward the light…

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Now, Listell has been summoned to this world. Though a demon, she helps the Swordsmith Legion with her unique abilities and maternal instincts.

"Finally, someone has accepted me!"


  • Height/Weight: 185cm/74kg
  • Allegiance: Messenger of Justice

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A brave warrior, taciturn but kind. A remarkable leader who sets examples with his extraordinary combat skills and commanding ability.

He raised Langrisser in the Battle of Yeless and destroyed Bozel's plan to revive Chaos and Gizarof's ambition to rule the world.

"This power was given to me by everyone!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

He lost his parents in the flood and was adopted by Rachel and Ricky's father. When his village was destroyed by Gizarof and Rachel was abducted, he embarked on a journey of rebellion.

Landius met the mysterious swordsman McCLaine and the two princesses of the Kingdom of Caconsis during his exile. He joined Caconsis' effort to defend the Union Army's invasion.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

On his adventure, he was tricked by Faelart, who turned out to be the Dark Prince Bozel. However, his faith did not waiver. Surprisingly, he brandished Langrisser, the sword only usable by Descendants of Light, upholding his righteousness.

"Because I have lost many things…I need to protect the things that are more precious than life itself."

A Hero's Legacy - 4

When the war ended, he was known abroad as the brave protector of the Union and the Kingdom.

He rescued the imprisoned General Lanford in a battle with Rainforce and led his troops to defend against the demons. This battle revealed his true identity - the descendant of the Crimzonians, the People of the Red Moon.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Landius, after being summoned, displayed superhuman combat abilities and fought valiantly with everyone on the front line. He also seems to have a natural affinity with Matthew of the Swordsmith Legion.

"Langrisser, Alhazard…their power, is too much."


  • Height/Weight: 161cm/45kg
  • Measurements: 84/55/83
  • Allegiance: Messenger of Justice

A Hero's Legacy - 1

Daughter of the Chief of Gotahl Village and adorable and outgoing adopted sister of Landius, Rachel can hold her own on the battlefield due to her powerful magical abilities, but the dark forces have also set their eyes upon her because of this.

"Be strong, Rachel! This way big bro won't worry about me anymore!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Rachel possesses extraordinary magical talent, despite her cute appearance, but unfortunately…her talents were discovered by Gizarof who came to steal the Sage's Crystal. Coincidentally, Gizarof was looking for a live magical pilot to command his Guyframe… These coincidences changed the destiny of the entire Yeless Continent.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

After being rescued from the Rune Laboratory by Landius, she also joined the ranks of the Union Rebellion and became great friends with the two Princesses of Caconsis.

After Caconsis City was sieged because of Bruno's betrayal, she fell into the hands of Gizarof again. With her soul controlled by the Guyframe, she was forced to fight her brother and friends against her will.

"War is terrifying, but big bro is fighting too…I can't hold him back!"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After the war ended, Rachel did more than she had done in battle by growing extremely precious herbs and saving countless lives during the plague that devastated Yeless afterward. This technology directly spurred the Agricultural Revolution and because of this, Rachel was remembered evermore.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

The summoned Rachel is still outgoing and kind. She is always seen with Landius and continues to help the Swordsmiths with her magic.

"Come on, everyone! We can't let the demons destroy our home."




  • Height/Weight: ??
  • Allegiance: Regenburg Federation

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The marshal of the Regenburg Federation with great strength and ambition, he is a lord of high status within the Federation.

After cooperating with the Evil God Gendrasil, he searched for a way to attain eternal life in order to rule the world. He is incredibly accomplished in the knowledge of runes, and created his own Rune Laboratory to reproduce ancient rune technology. Later, he created an artificial fighter with enhanced intelligence and special abilities.

Unfortunately, Gizarof could not accomplish his plans, even until the day of his death…

"Transforming the human body… is to discover new possibilities! And to free humanity from the cycle of peace and chaos!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Gizarof was born into an impoverished family, and thus despite possessing magical talents, he could not receive the training he deserved.

Up until the age of 20, Gizarof had still not been recognized by anyone for his abilities. It was as if the God of Fate would not open the door he wished for.

Then, the moment that the crystal of the Evil God Gendrasil fell from the sky, a ray of hope shined on Gizarof's otherwise hopeless life.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Gizarof and the Evil God Gendrasil confirmed their partnership, and he immediately cast his vision on the Regenburg Federation, pulling the entire continent of Yeless into chaos.

He used extortion to force the people into rebellion, taking the opportunity to seize the "Sage Crystal" forged with the Langrisser and the Alhazard. He took Caconsis hostage, provoking war between the two countries and seizing the rank of Marshal. He then used the war to frame many loyal ministers and put his clone Kreuger on the Federation throne…

"Ugh… The old man's plan is already in motion."

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Gizarof, didn't trust his partner, the Evil God Gendrasil, so he had been secretly putting together his own army.

He used the Evil God's forbidden knowledge to create three super warriors, Sigma, Lambda and Omega. These were not only creatures with supernatural abilities, they could even control the power of Alhazard.

In his eyes, he believed that he already possessed everything and stood at the apex of humanity. Unfortunately, he did not account for the cunning of Magic Marshal Gizarof…

A Hero's Legacy - 5

At the end of the war, Gizarof was defeated by the power of Landius and his company. That dark memory brought him back from the abyss to the world of humans…

What could Gizarof have been plotting, using the Magic Eye to sign a contract with the people?

"Hmph… Naive kid. Do you really think the so-called gods are all-powerful!? Can humans not take control of their own destiny!?"


  • Height/Weight: 171cm/48kg
  • Measurements: 87/55/86
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Caconsis

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The general of the Kingdom of Caconsis, her gentle appearance masks extraordinary willpower and courage.

Together with Admiral Wiler, she once guarded the two empresses of the Regenburg Federation who were under house arrest. She has repeatedly forsaken her own safety in order to save the empresses and her beloved Admiral Wiler.

"It's not that I've never wished to become the protected one, but as long as there are weaker ones by my side… let's get stronger together."

A Hero's Legacy - 2

After Marshal Rivaas conveyed the news of King Caconsis's illness to Admiral Wiler, the people became suspicious. The fact that the hostages did not return home by the King's graces meant a crime of defection. Serena faced mortal danger in breaking the encirclement of the Regenburg Federation in order to deliver the news to the kingdom."

A Hero's Legacy - 3

When Serena learned that this was all part of Gizarof's conspiracy to stir up resentment on the continent, she made battle preparations for Admiral Wiler's return to the Kingdom. After Serena discovered in advance the three routes that the enemy would take to encircle the Kingdom, she decided to assist Admiral Wiler in delivering the news to Landius and the others. Thus, the Kingdom of Caconsis won the first round of battle and successfully foiled the encirclement plans of the Federation forces.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After the battle, Serena traveled all over to assist the victims of war in order to help restore normality in peoples' lives.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Even as a hero summoned to the new world, Serena is still working hard to become a strong support for the admiral. Always expressing her feelings with subtlety, it may appear as though she is not very good at expressing herself, but she firmly believes that language is not the only means of expression.

"If I just keep fighting, Admiral Wiler will see my progress one day. Yeah, that's right…"

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