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  • Height/Weight: 179cm/75kg
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Baldea - Descendants of Light

A Hero's Legacy - 1

Ledin is the Prince of Baldea and a Descendant of Light who lives by his courage and honor.

When his Kingdom falls, Ledin escapes the battle and sets about finding help to fight back against the Dalsis Empire. During his campaign he uncovers the prelude to the legendary tales. Driven by a sense of justice in his heart, he is thus widely recognized as a leader until his death.

"As long as we each keep justice in our hearts, the world can be saved!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The courageous prince is regarded as a source of hope for the Kingdom, and the heavy burden falls squarely on Ledin's shoulders.

In the face of attacks on the capital from the raging Dalsis Empire, Ledin launches a fearless counterattack.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Characterized as tenacious and righteous, with the heart of a hero, he is recognized as honorable and loyal even among his enemies.

His sympathy towards his former rival Lance, eventually fighting together with him, becomes the theme for legends for later generations.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After defeating Chaos, Ledin is crowned king and unifies the continent, marrying his comrade-in-arms and lover Chris. A new era of prosperity is ushered across the land…

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Ledin's character is as sharp as his sword. He is far-sighted, and his eyes pierce the darkness.

"I swore to wipe out the darkness in this world. Even crossing time and space, my heart hasn't changed."


  • Height/Weight: 162cm/46kg
  • Measurements: 86/56/84
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Baldea

A Hero's Legacy - 1

With few experiences of the real word, the pure sister devoutly serves the Goddess and uses the Power of Light to bring bliss into people's lives.

After the battle of Salrath, Chris follows Ledin into battle and never shrinks back even in the face of Chaos.

Her heart is always full of goodwill and love, and longs to heal the wounds that war brings to the world.

"Never lose hope!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The sister, who was once a member of a missionary group in pursuit of faith and truth, gets embroiled in several terrible disputes.

Despite her weakness, her innate goodwill always helps her to protect her companions and all civilians with all her might.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Always filled with warmth and a heart of love and healing, she helps her battlefield friends in any way she can.

Although she's just a sister she makes every effort to catch up with Ledin's destiny simply out of admiration.

"Erm, that… Prince Ledin, would you allow me to join you in battle?!"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

After all is done, Chris marries Ledin and becomes the Queen of Baldea.

Chris continues to struggle with how to rebuild this devastated world, bringing new hope to a new generation.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

She met The God of Chaos at the end of her adventure, and overcame the challenges of faith.

Even after discovering the truth about her god, Chris never gives up her longing to love and dream. She is willing to put all her effort into spreading happiness in this new era.


  • Height/Weight: 165cm/49kg
  • Measurements: 85/55/90
  • Allegiance: Kingdom of Baldea

A Hero's Legacy - 1

This soldier acts decisively, and never gives up, displaying unreserved loyalty to the king of Baldea.

She fights for King Illzach, and later restores the homeland along with Prince Ledin.

"Although I haven't read many books, I firmly believe that some lines can't be crossed!!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Serving as cavalry near the head guard, Narm is undoubtedly one of the most formidable fighters of Baldea. Her sense of responsibility and loyalty is above average.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Narm always consciously or unconsciously pays attention to her old enemy Lance, with almost the same tenacity, courage, and fearlessness. The two are attracted to each other.

When Lance chooses to sacrifice himself and stall their pursuers, Narm finally confesses to him, he rebuffs her telling her to wait, giving her a necklace of importance to him.

"I beg you! Be sure to come back alive!"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Lance goes missing after the war, having lost his memory. A chance encounter brings the two back together and they married.

Narm and Lance establish the prosperous Kingdom of Kalxath. Cherie is a descendant of this bloodline.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Being summoned into the present world, she is at a loss. Even now she's fighting for the people she trusts.

"What? Did I also become a hero in the stories? What do the legends say about me?"


  • Height/Weight: 182cm/76kg
  • Allegiance: Dalsis Empire

A Hero's Legacy - 1

Ancient Dalsis Empire guard captain. Brave, skillful in battle, affectionate and faithful. He can be arrogant and conceited, but you know when you're his friend.

He wholeheartedly serves Emperor Digos in his pursuit of a unified land. After discovering that he has made the wrong choice, he resolutely atones, and even sacrifices himself to undo the wrongs he's made.

"I'm fully responsible for the calamity I brought upon myself!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Courage, honor, and loyalty. Besides a certain degree of conceit, the handsome and energetic Lance is almost the very model of a knight.

Only absolute strength and complete unity can bring about true peace; he believes that Emperor Digos' war is for the sake of righteousness.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

The proud Lance finally realizes that he's cast his lot with the wrong side when he realized that demons have been wreaking havoc upon the world.

But his heart of glowing honor still remains. Lance choose to face the demon army by himself at the rear of Ledin's legion.

"Go on, I have your back!"

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Thanks to his extraordinary bravery, Ledin seizes the moment and defeats Chaos in the demon siege. After returning home, Lance marries Narm and later founds a new kingdom known as Kalxath.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Even in this era, he's still worried about losing out to Ledin. Maybe they can just cast away the burden of Light and Darkness and fight things out?

"Ledin must still be active in the world… I won't lose to him again"


  • Height/Weight: 168cm/52kg
  • Measurements: 88/58/87
  • Allegiance: Dalsis Empire

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The female officer following Lance thinks of herself as carrying out the mission of the Empire. Her style is typical for the Imperial Army.

Although she has always looked strong, in fact she is more keen to attract the attention of Lance.

"That's not true! Who said that? Come out!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

With a strong sense of mission and pride in the Dalsis Empire, she likes to show off in battle.

She joins the army to serve the Empire, with great dedication to the Emperor's plans.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

She has always had a strong admiration for her commanding officer, Lance. Who she see as a perfect example of the Imperial Army, regarding him as a role model she could never emulate.

But like many cases of unrequited love during the heroic era, by time Lance notices her it is too late…

A Hero's Legacy - 4

Following Lance, she takes part in the invasion of Baldea, and serves in the front line against Ledin's Army.

It is after this battle, in a village Lance's forces are resupplying at when it is invaded by monsters where she loses her life protecting the one she loves.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

It is a great surprise for her to be summoned back to the world, but since Lance's footsteps are here, she will follow them.

"Wait for me, Lance!"

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