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Langrisser Schwarz was an MMORPG that was canceled before its release. As such, the information provided here is bare bones, but will still strive to be as thorough as possible.

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Langrisser Schwarz was canceled before it officially came out. However, there was an alpha test in China during July 2012.

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"The story of Langrisser Schwarz originates from the Ragnarök Period, when the Gods were split into Light and Dark. Chaos from the Dark Force created the Magical Sword Alhazard, and set out to wreak havoc and destroy the human world. In an attempt to stop Chaos' evil plan, Lushiris of the Light Force smelted the Sacred Sword Langrisser, which sealed Chaos' soul and Elhazard together into silent limbo, away from destruction.

Even though the War of the Gods had ended, the Dark Force did not give up. They tried in vain to unseal Alhazard, and awaken other devastating powers to eliminate the existing world and build the ultimate Dark hell and despair. Led by the Goddess Messenger, Jessica, the Light army set off to put an end to all attacks by the Dark Force.

As the battle between Light and Dark ensued, a new power with strong military powers emerged, intensifying the world expansion. Drake1 Kingdom believes humans will be able to take over the world, thus ending the war. However, to achieve this so-called new order, the Empire Force will need to embark on expeditions, strengthening military force everywhere."2

Additional Story Information

Ever since the age of the Gods, the world has created the light and darkness. Conflicts persisted between the two, and followed by an endless war that seemed to last for eternity. As the forces of darkness sought dominance over the world, God Chaos descended to the mortal world with its evil sword - Alhazard, leaving rivers of blood behind to whoever dares to stand in its path. It was not until the Goddess of light - Lushiris forge the holy sword - Langrisser. With this sword, the forces of the light were able to seal God Chaos' soul into nihility, along with the evil sword - Alhazard.

When the war of the gods was over, both the holy sword and the evil sword were lost and forgotten. As time passed, the forces of those who betray and parted from the God of Chaos became the "Dark Alliance". The Dark Alliance is in search of the evil sword – Alhazard and plan to use its power to cleanse this world of impurities and rebuild their ideal world. Brave warriors of light led by Jessica, the Goddess's avatar, have now return to the battlefield to stop and defy the forces of darkness and protect the world once again!

As battles emerged once again between the light and darkness, the militaristic Drake Empire also quickened its pace to expand its presence. The ruler of the empire believed that humans are capable of ending the war on their own, and thus took the path to world dominance by force and to build a new order.3

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