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Langrisser Mobile is the newest incarnation of the series, released recently in China.

This new saga in Langrisser takes place 150 years after the events of Langrisser V. New Countries now roam El Sallia, Ibbas and Hyperborea. Meanwhile, Jessica, now leads the Free City of Tislerao upon the ruins of Larcuss.

Langrisser Mobile gameplay is similar to past titles in the Langrisser series, in that you take control of a set of commanders and face off enemy commanders. It does differ in some ways such as smaller maps and less units typically appear. Moreover the troops, while still present are no longer seperate, but connected right with the general unit. Another core part of the game is the the gatcha element, which involves you summoning past heroes.

Story Synopsis

150 years have passed since the events of Langrisser V and the peace of the era which followed has passed away. Now two new countries inhabit the continent of El Sallia Ibbas and Hyperborea. Meanwhile, Lady Jessica, has helped to establish the free city of Tislerao on the ruins of Larcassia. Velzeria too has returned, ready to instigate new bloody conflict on the mainland.

Meanwhile, in a small village in the Kalaxth region, a new set of heroes have emerged, appointed by Lushiris to reform the shattered sword, Langrisser.

Matthew, Almeda, and Greneir will find themselves gathering legendary warriors to battle the forces of darkness…

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Langrisser Mobile
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