Langrisser III



The third game in the Langrisser series. This entry in the series features a radical departure in the battle system. Commanders and troops have higher HP counts, the promotion system is different and battles are more akin to Dragon Force than a typical Langrisser System.

New to the series is also the introduction of the Love Point System, where the actions of the protagonist affect how much the affection the women have for him. This entry recounts the prehistory seen in Langrisser I and II, specifically it deals with the creation of the Holy Blade Langrisser and follows the adventures of Diehärte.

Tensions have risen among the four major nations of El Sallia, Larcuss, Rigüler, Barral, and Colcia and war is inevitable. The forces of Rigüler Empire, led by Field Marshal Altemüller, ignite the sparks of wars when it launches an attack upon Larcuss, the home of Diehärte. Now Diehärte. seeks to liberate his homeland, and in the process will be forced to deal with not only the ambitions of the Rigüler empire, but the evils of Velzeria as well.

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  • Sega Saturn Version Released
  • Windows 98 Version Released
  • PlayStation 2 Version Released

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Langrisser III
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