Langrisser Ii Summary

Part I Introduction

Part II Light Path

Part III Imperial Path

Part IV Chaos Path

"It's a pity you've all been outmoded. You see, for a grand, unified continent, the Empire's unnecessary. This sword and myself will be sufficient. What need is there for the Kaiser … when I can reign over El Sallia?" Elwin, Scenario 10

Or "Someone must bring order to this continent. Why not me?\r\nI have Langrisser. Bringing order … Ending strife … I can do it all."

Part V Independent Path

Part VI True Light Path

Available only in Langrisser II Dramatic Edition.

"I think we could create a world without war if both sides can learn to understand each other. I would like to see such a world" - Elwin, Scenario 10

Scenario 10
After the death of Vargas Elwin and others ponder the cost of the war. With Cherie among the others noting that they hate the deaths that this war has inflicted. Elwin says that what is needed is for both sides to understand each other, but Cherie wonders if that is possible and Elwin says he has to try.

Hein, Liana, and Cherie say they too wish to try.

Scenario 11
After obtaining Langrisser, Elwin pleads to end this war, since, he feels that as long as they hold Langrisser the Empire cannot win, but Leon says that while they are at a disadvantage, Bernhardt is still their emperor. He notes that Elwin is choosing the slow path of dialogue to unify the land, while he follows Bernhardt toward a faster route, with the sword.

Elwin decides to travel to the capital of the Raygaurd Empire to seek peace.

Scenario 12

However, before they can reach the capital they are blocked by Rohga who tries to take Liana by force, hoping to earn a higher rank in the Empire so that he can meet with the Demon tribe.

After the battle, Elwin reinforces his plan to seek peace with the Empire once he reaches the capital. Cherie seems hesitant about their chances are, Elwin admits he isn't certain, but he convinces the others that it is better to try than simply continue this fighting.

After, Rohga retreats he wonders how to admit his failure when Sonia shows up. Rohga tries to get her to come with and live peacefully, but Sonia instead convinces him to return with her to Boser.

Scenario 13

Meanwhile, Egbert approaches Bernhardt and discuss the Empire's current state, Rohga has failed in his mission, the Descendants of Light grow more powerful, and the countries that oppose them now include Kalxath and Salrath. He, therefore, wonders if it would be better if they tried to make peace. Leon can't believe what he is hearing, thinking of all the lives that they have lost and Egbert counters that there can be more deaths and wonders if that is worth it.

The Kaiser, tells, Egbert, that all he has ever wanted was peace and that it cannot hurt to meet with Elwin's army, he tasked Egbert with the task.

Boser upon hearing this talk of peace is furious, he wants no peace with the Descendants of Light whom the Demon Tribe cannot ally with. Bernhardt, however, makes clear it intends to continue the path of peace and so Boser ends his alliance with the Rayguard empire. Egbert then sets out.

As the Army of Light nears Rayguard Castle they are uncertain of what the outcome will be, but hopeful, when suddenly Sonia attacks and despite Elwin's pleas to stop continues on. During this battle, Egbert arrives wanting to talk, but upon seeing the demons offers to assist Elwin.

After the battle, both Keith and Lester are wary of Egbert's help, wondering if its a trap, but he assures them, that he has come to open negotiations for peace. Which Elwin says that they were headed toward the Empire for that same reason. Although some are still uncertain, Egbert assures them they are no longer connected to Boser and it is their desire for peace.

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