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Part I Introduction

Part II Light Path

Part III Imperial Path

Part IV Chaos Path

"It's a pity you've all been outmoded. You see, for a grand, unified continent, the Empire's unnecessary. This sword and myself will be sufficient. What need is there for the Kaiser … when I can reign over El Sallia?" Erwin, Scenario 10

Or "Someone must bring order to this continent. Why not me?\r\nI have Langrisser. Bringing order … Ending strife … I can do it all."

Part V Independent Path

Part VI True Light Path

Available only in Langrisser II Dramatic Edition.

"I think we could create a world without war if both sides can learn to understand each other. I would like to see such a world" - Erwin, Scenario 10

Scenario 10 - Brave General Vargas

After the death of Vargas Erwin and others ponder the cost of the war. With Cherie among the others noting that they hate the deaths that this war has inflicted. Erwin says that what is needed is for both sides to understand each other, but Cherie wonders if that is possible and Erwin says he has to try.

Hein, Liana, and Cherie say they too wish to try.

Scenario 11 - Holy Sword, Langrisser

After obtaining Langrisser, Erwin pleads to end this war, since, he feels that as long as they hold Langrisser the Empire cannot win, but Leon says that while they are at a disadvantage, Bernhardt is still their emperor. He notes that Erwin is choosing the slow path of dialogue to unify the land, while he follows Bernhardt toward a faster route, with the sword.

Erwin decides to travel to the capital of the Raygaurd Empire to seek peace.

Scenario 12 - The Usurper

However, before they can reach the capital they are blocked by Rohga who tries to take Liana by force, hoping to earn a higher rank in the Empire so that he can meet with the Demon tribe.

After the battle, Erwin reinforces his plan to seek peace with the Empire once he reaches the capital. Cherie seems hesitant about their chances are, Erwin admits he isn't certain, but he convinces the others that it is better to try than simply continue this fighting.

After, Rohga retreats he wonders how to admit his failure when Sonia shows up. Rohga tries to get her to come with and live peacefully, but Sonia instead convinces him to return with her to Boser.

Scenario 13 - Demon Girl

Meanwhile, Egbert approaches Bernhardt and discuss the Empire's current state, Rohga has failed in his mission, the Descendants of Light grow more powerful, and the countries that oppose them now include Kalxath and Salrath. He, therefore, wonders if it would be better if they tried to make peace. Leon can't believe what he is hearing, thinking of all the lives that they have lost and Egbert counters that there can be more deaths and wonders if that is worth it.

The Kaiser, tells, Egbert, that all he has ever wanted was peace and that it cannot hurt to meet with Erwin's army, he tasked Egbert with the task.

Boser upon hearing this talk of peace is furious, he wants no peace with the Descendants of Light whom the Demon Tribe cannot ally with. Bernhardt, however, makes clear it intends to continue the path of peace and so Boser ends his alliance with the Rayguard empire. Egbert then sets out.

As the Army of Light nears Rayguard Castle they are uncertain of what the outcome will be, but hopeful, when suddenly Sonia attacks and despite Erwin's pleas to stop continues on. During this battle, Egbert arrives wanting to talk, but upon seeing the demons offers to assist Erwin.

After the battle, both Keith and Lester are wary of Egbert's help, wondering if its a trap, but he assures them, that he has come to open negotiations for peace. Which Erwin says that they were headed toward the Empire for that same reason. Although some are still uncertain, Egbert assures them they are no longer connected to Böser and it is their desire for peace.

Scenario 14 - The Supreme Ruler's Sunset

Egbert and Erwin arrive at Rayguard castle and are greeted by the Kaiser himself, although Leon wonders where the rest of the army is, Egbert is quick to say that he hastened here quickly so that Erwin and him went on ahead of the rest of the Army of Light.

Bernhardt greets Erwin, telling him, it is good to finally meet the man whom he has heard so much about, but as he asks that negotiations begin, Egbert suddenly attacks, taking Alhazard in the process, Leon is shocked, but it is quickly revealed that it is actually Böser. Böser saw an opportunity to take advantage of the peace talks, attacked, bringing with him others of the demon tribe.

Leon threatens the dark prince and requests Rohga to help, instead, Rohga finishes the job, killing the Kaiser. He reveals that he is now working for Böser and then starts toward Leon to attack him.

Right as this is happening, the real Erwin and Egbert with the Army of Light shows up and are shocked to see the castle under attack by Velzeria. Leon quickly informs the wizard of the emperor's death, all the while, Böser mocks them.

With that, the Army of Light moves in to attack the Demon Tribe and help the imperial forces.

After the initial attack, Böser takes his leave, letting Lána and Faias head up the attack. Faias upon seeing Erwin tells, him that it has been a long time, but Erwin initially has no clue who this vampire lord is. Faias, says, that although the red-headed warrior has forgotten him, he remembers, because his left arm tingles, for it was the arm that Doren cut off while protecting Erwin long ago, at this Erwin remembers. Fais is ready to rid himself of the Descendants of Light, but Erwin in particular.

As they fight, Faias tells Erwin of his hatred for the descendants of Light who he views as the killer of his people and claims he will wipe them all out.

When Rohga is defeated, Erwin tries to understand why, and Rohga merely says its because Sonya is with them and he must protect her. Erwin, however, pleads that Rohga instead of allying with Velzeria get Sonya away from them. Rohga, refuses, seeing, the best path forward as one sticking with his sister no matter what.

Sonya arrives shortly later and helps Rohga escape, threatening any who would harm her older brother. Erwin tries to plead with her to listen when she escapes, but Sonya doesn't listen.

Eventually, the Army of Light is able to repel the demons.

At the end of the battle, Erwin asks Egbert his plans, noting that with the Kaiser's death the imperial army will begin to crack, Egbert suggests a truce, so that Rayguard might rebuild after the loss of its leader.

Erwin is in favor but wishes to know everyone's opinion. Hein wonders who would disagree with peace, but Cherie notes its only a pausing of the war, not the end. But Keith and Lester note if they wanted to defeat the empire now is not the time for peace unless they wanted a mutual understanding.

In the end, the Army of Light agrees for a truce and Erwin even offers to help, but Egbert notes that some in the imperial army wouldn't want their help. Erwin understands and says while they wait for the Empire to get its house in order they will head to Velzeria and deal with Böser, Alhazard, and the Demon Tribe.

Scenario 15 - Kindred to Shadow

Erwin and the army of Light start on the way to Velzeria, along the way they encounter the Velzerian army, lead by Faias, attacking a small village. Faias, notes that the demon tribe is attacking because they knew the Army of Light would come.

The Army of Lightmoves to protect the village, but at the end of the battle, Faias once more escapes, complaining of Langrisser's power. WIth the village safe, they continue to Velzeria.

Scenario 16 - Might is Right

While the Army of Light continues its march toward Velzeria, the Rayguard Empire continues to deal with its internal conflicts. The Mylia (マイリア) and the Dounel (ドーネル) regions start a rebellion. Egbert notes that while the Blazing Dragon Army has done well since Vargas' death, a new commander is needed, but Leon instead suggests that Imelda and her Water Dragon Navy attack, a letter arrives right at that time in which Imelda notes she no longer has any reason to stay with the Empire and has chosen to return to her homeland to help them reclaim independence.

It thus becomes clear that the Empire depended much on the Kaiser.

As Erwin and his companions continue toward Velzeria, they end up spending a night at a small fortress on the banks of a lake, the following morning, Imelda attacks, using the chaos of Bernhardt's death to take back her country which the empire had annexed. She makes it clear that she wants Langrisser and attacks.

Morgan also appears to have accompanied Imelda in her rebellion. He wonders as they begin whom he should attack first when Imelda tries to stop him, but Morgan notes she's no longer his superior just another rebel, to which she backs off. Throughout the battle, Morgan will continue to show his ever-present sense of superiority.

As the fight continues, Erwin asks Imelda why she is doing this, especially in this chaos, but the former general says it because of this chaos that she can help rebuild her homeland and that Langrisser can help her restore her country.

Upon her defeat, she again notes the power of Langrisser and how much more she desires it, but Erwin says that power is not everything and more is needed to rebuild a country, other she will repeat what happened to Bernhardt. She also blames Morgan for ruining her laid out plans, but the mage says it doesn't matter as long as he is able to claim the sword.

Imelda escapes.

Upon Morgan's defeat, he retreats promising to win next time.

After the battle, the Army of Light notes that the Empire must truly be in trouble if even its generals are leaving. Erwin wonders if peace is really possible, but Aaron scolds him and tells him to not give up.

They decide to pause in their march toward Velzeria and give Imelda chase to help convince her to help end the chaos in the empire. Knowing that this will likely break the truce, they still continue on this path, seeing as the best chance for ultimate peace.

Scenario 17 - The Wounded Woman General

The Army of Light eventually goes back to the Imperial Capital as they pursue Imelda and Morgan, both of whom have well equipped their army.

Erwin tries to tell Imelda that they haven't come to fight, but the Ice General doesn't listen, she is ready to fight to the end.

As they battle, Imelda tells Erwin that she hates idealist like him, noting that her country was among the last to stop resisting the Empire, with her country having sought peace and negotiations, but Rayguard sought war and killed defenseless people and forced her land to yield. This is why Imelda believes that Might will always win.

Not long into the fight, Morgan and his mages teleport away, seeing Imelda as an incompetent leader. Liana wonders if there is some way to get through Imelda. Imelda, even having lost half of her allies, Imelda is still determined to take Langrisser.

When Imelda is defeated once more her army begins to run, even as she demands them to stop she calls Morgan and them all cowards. Imelda once more blames Morgan for her defeat. But Erwin chides her and says she doesn't understand, military might is not all there is to true power.

Erwin and the Army of Light have been victorious not because of Langrisser, but rather because of the support and belief that everyone has for each other. Erwin says Morgan deserted her because she only believed in her self.

Even as she still tries to claim that Langrisser is a key to their victory, Keith notes they had begun to win against the Rayguard Empire long before they obtained Langrisser. Thus, Erwin says, it was their ability to believe in each other that gave them the power to stop the Rayguard Empire.

Imelda is convinced and with that Erwin and the others now feel that they can continue to Velzeria. Imelda asks about that and Erwin explains about Böser and Alhazard and their plan to go there while the Empire suppresses any revolts, but Imelda asks why they aren't going to support other parts of the Army of Light.

Surprised by this, they ask why Leon would attack the other bastions of the Army of Light, Imelda notes that its because Leon has allied with powerful nobles who are against the Light army.

Hein wonders what their next step should be then. Imelda offers to placate the Nobels while Erwin's company deals with Böser, and with that, they continue to Velzeria.

Scenario 18 - Monster Castle of Shadow

With Imelda's rebellion quelled and measures taken to restore order to Rayguard, Erwin and the Army of Light continue their march to Velzeria. Upon reaching the ruins of Velzeria Castle, they are greeted by Rohga, Sonya, and Faias.

Inside the castle, Esto and Osto tell Böser that they are being attacked, but he seems unconcerned, merely telling them to take a "defensive position and engage the enemy!"

Outside, Faias notes that he has been waiting for this battle to which Erwin declares that he will get his revenge for the death of his parents and Doren. Faias appear confident in the battle, certain he will kill Erwin. He mocks him wondering if he should kill him as he did Doren or Erwin's parents.

During the battle, Erwin once more pleads with Sonya to turn away from Böser, Sonya tries to ignore him as before, but Erwin forces the conversation, noting there are some bad humans, but there are good ones as well. That if all humans were bad than Rohga too would have mistreated Sonya, his being her older brother would not have stopped that. Erwin also says that she has forced Rohga down a dark path.

Sonya unable to think runs off and Rohga follows her, with that Erwin wonders if he has failed. Not long after Sonya runs off, Esto and Osto appear ready to help, but see much of the demonic army has already fallen, they still promise to stop the forces of Light, in the end, both are deafeated.

In the end, Faias is killed as well, despite his strong desire to eradicate the Descendants of Light.

After the battle, the Army of Light heads into the inner castle ready to defeat Böser

Scenario 19 - Demise of Darkness

Erwin and the Army of Light entered Velzeria castle to find Böser awaiting them with a horde of monsters. Upon confronting the Dark Prince, Böser tells Erwin not to get cocky, after all in defeating Faias he defeated only a mere pawn. Erwin asks Böser if all those in the castle are the same, and Böser says "of course."

Sonya overhears and is shocked, but Böser isn't concerned and with that, the battle starts.

During the fight Böser tries to get Erwin to surrender telling him that even incomplete Alhazard is still stronger than Erwin, but if they give up the Dark Prince will spare them, Erwin calls his bluff and promises to end Böser.

Morgan will show up as the battle is waged, and ask if he Böser will accept into the Demon Tribe if he gets rid of the Army of Light, Böser tells him to have at it.

When Böser is defeated he is shocked to have been bested by mere humans as his body crumbles he calls out for his dreaded god, Chaos, but Böser makes it clear while he may be killed now, he will resurrect and promises to bring Chaos with him next time.

After Böser is defeated, Lána is released from his dark spell, Lána reveals that she remembers very little while under Böser's spell.

With Böser's defeat, Sonya is freed as well, Rohga thanks everyone for their help and asks Sonya to say thanks as well, which she does.

With Böser defeated and Alhazard reclaimed, Erwin and the others decide to return to the Empire to defend their allies and try to stop the fighting.

Lána asks that she accompany Erwin's party, in part because she wants to help… but also because of Leon. Erwin agrees.

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