Langrisser I Story Synopsis

Part I: Liberation of Baldea

Since time long forgotten, the sword called "Langrisser" has been passed down the Baldean royal line. Its power is said to be unlimited and this has attracted the greed of many vile men. Long has the Baldean royal family kept the sword safe.

Now, a new man desires to wield the blade, the ambitious Emperor Digos of the Dalsis Empire. Digos has launched an invasion of Baldea intent on claiming the sword for himself.

The story begins as Dalsis has surrounded Baldea's Castle. King Isaac, knowing that he cannot hold the castle much longer sends his son, Prince Ledin to the dukedom of Salrath to seek aid from its ruler, Hawking. The old fencing teacher, Volkoff is tasked with the young prince's protection. Reluctantly Ledin escapes through a secret passage shown to him by Narm.

As they travel to Salrath, Ledin meets up with a group of traveling pilgrims, among them is a young woman named, Chris. Suddenly they are attacked by a group of Shika Tribesmen, in the ensuing battle, Lord Hawking of Salrath comes to help and brings Ledin back to his territory to see why the prince has come.

That following night, the Shika once again attacks and Ledin and Volkoff join Salrath's Town Guard, lead by Thorn in protecting the town. After the Shika are routed, Narm appears and gives the sad report that Baldea has fallen. Hawking promises troops but needs times to get ready, which the impatient prince won't wait for.

He sets off with what little aid Hawking can readily supply and heads back toward Baldea Castle, going through the Forest of Death. They are however beset by slimes. When Chris and Thorn suddenly show up with more reinforcements from Salrath, among them monks which can combat the monsters.

After escaping from the forest, and with fresh allies from Hawking, Ledin and the Baldean forces continue to make their way back to Baldea Castle. Along the way, they encounter the knight, Lance Kalxath. After a fierce battle in which the Dalsis army is forced to retreat, a retreating Dalsis soldier fires an arrow meant for Ledin, but Volkoff throws himself in front of the arrow and is mortally wounded.

After Volkoff is buried, Ledin heads to Baldea Castle.

Once there he faces off against the Dalsis commander, Xeld, but is able to retake his home despite the strength of the Dalsis commander.

Part II: Retrieval of Langrisser

Once Ledin retakes Baldea Castle he is able to free Taylor and the court magician, Jessica. Lady Jessica reveals that the Baldean treasure, has been stolen

Part III: Invasion of Velzeria

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