Lands of Gaia


The Langrisser series introduces the player to the world a Gaia1, this world is similar to ours, with a variety of biodomes, but it does differ in other significant ways. Orbiting Gaia are two moons, Crimzo and Pelia.

The series also shows clearly defined planes of existence, outside of the mortal world, there is the abode of the dead, Limbus, the heavenly realm, Neo Gloria, as well, as the Domain of Chaos.

As the series takes place over the span of a least a thousand years, there is a natural changing of features. So while we can talk about the continents of El Sallia and Yeless, it should be remembered that the kingdoms change so that Langrisser I shows Baldea, but Langrisser II, Baldea is nothing more than a relic.

As such the following list, will at points repeat names and links to articles, at times under different names to help show some of the changing nature of Gaia, but specifically, the lands of El Sallia.

Map of Gaia


Main Continents and Lands

Orbital Bodies

Planes of Existence

Langrisser III

Langrisser I

Langrisser II

Langrisser IV & V

El Sallia


Elthlead Trilogy

History of Elthlead


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