Langrisser V Quiz

1. Mix three of the four metals into the culture medium. Please discard the unnecessary materials.

  • Gold (cannot access Hero secret class) → Question 2)
  • Silver (cannot access Path A secret class) → Question 2)
  • Bronze (cannot access Path B secret class) → Question 2)
  • Iron (cannot access Path C secret class) → Question 2)

2. In order to design growth elements of the body, please decides what influences the life force. Please choose the spirit that you want to have the strongest influence first.

3. Please choose a Horoscope to craft on your gemstone, this will also enhance the body's life force. First, choose the horoscope.

  • Capricorn (Ground) (D+2 DF+2 MC-1) → Question 4)
  • Aquarius ( Wind) (AT+1 INT+6 RD+7 MC-1) → Question 4)
  • Pisces (Water) (INT+2 MP+2 LI+2 DF-1 D-1 A+2) → Question 4)
  • Aries (Fire) (AT+1 JD+3 DF-1) → Question 4)
  • Taurus ( Ground) (D+1 RA+3 INT-4) → Question 4)
  • Gemini (Fire) (INT+7 MP+4 RA-3) → Question 4)
  • Cancer (Water) (MC+1 M+4 DF-1) → Question 4)
  • Leo (Fire) (AT+1 DF+1 A+1 INT-3) → Question 4)
  • Virgo (Ground) (D+1 RA+4 A-1) → Question 4)
  • Libra (Wind) (M+3 MC+1 INT-4) → Question 4)
  • Scorpio (Water) (AT+2 DF+2 INT+4 D-1) → Question 4)
  • Sagittaurius (Fire) (MV+2 AT+1 DF+1 RA-6) → Question 4)

4. Next, please choose a gemstone. (Affect Lambda's status)

  • Onyx -Capricorn Aquarius HolyBlaze LI-1 ->Question 5
  • Amethyst -Pisces Sagittarius INT+3 LI+3 ->Question 5
  • Ruby -Aries Scorpio Leo Regenerate RA-8 M-8 ->Question 5
  • Emerald -Taurus Libra Match with question 9c to gain bonus ->Question 5
  • Topaz -Gemini Leo Virgo Regenerate AT-2 DF-2 ->Question 5
  • Aquamarine -Cancer RI+15 LI+2 ->Question 5
  • Obsidian -Capricorn Aquarius Critical JudgementUP AT+1 ->Question 5
  • Sugilite -Pisces Sagittarius Teleport ->Question 5
  • Garnet -Aries Scorpio DF+1 (3 random party members) ->Question 5
  • Malachite -Taurus Libra CurePoison ->Question 5
  • Argent -Gemini Virgo Critical RD+15 ->Question 5
  • Sapphire -Cancer RH+5 ArchAngel ->Question 5

**If the answer for question 2 and question 3 does not match, you will receive
penalty. If the answer for question 3 and 4 match, you will receive the
following bonus
1. AT DF A D Action Point Merc MC. One of the status will +1 or -1
2. INT M Action Point Judgement MP. One of the status will +2 or -2
3. Resist All +6 or -6

5) Choose your Temperament.
Nice LI+2 DF+1 ->Question6A
Decisive Action Point+2 Action Point Merc+1 ->Question6B
Courage AT+1 INT+2 MP+3 ->Question6C
Powerful AT+2 DF+1 ->Question6D

6A) What will he do when he crushed on someone?
Active INT+6 A+1 Lambda Brenda Love Index+1 ->Question7B
Passive INT+4 D+1 Claret Love Index+2 ->Question7A
Doubt INT+3 RD+12 MP+5 MPAbsorb LI-2 ->Question7C
No respond INT+2 MP+4 Slow Bind LI-1 ->Question7D

6B) What can save him from despair?
Consciousness INT+2 RA+2 V+2 ->Question7C
Lover and friends Match with question 7B to receive bonus->Question7B
Time flow Gold+770P ->Question7D
Miracle Critical RH+15 Cross Gold+70P ->Question7A

6C) Which emotion is core of courage?
Friendship and Love Fain LI+2 ->Question7B
Fighting Spirit INT+2 RA+2 M+2 ->Question7C
Fair Heart DF+2 RA+1 ->Question7A
Strong Hatred AT+2 A+1 ->Question7D

6D) What is the meaning of power?
Smart INT+5 MP+3 ->Question7D
Battle Ability A+1 D+1 ->Question7C
Strong Spirit Resist All+5 ->Question7A
Command Ability Match with question7B to receive bonus ->Question7B

7A) What do you think of Lushiris(Goddess of Light) and Chaos
Pledge to Lushiris RH+15 RD-5 M+3 ->Question8A
Pledge to Chaos AT+1 RD+30 RH-10 ->Question8D
Do not pledge to both A+1 D+1 ->Question8C
Rely on self-consciousness Match with question8A to receive bonus ->Question8A

7B) Choose your favorite color
Violet Lambda AT+1 LI+2 RA+2 *Bonus From6B Action Point+2 A+1 D+1 ->Question8A
White Claret AT+1 LI+2 RA+2 *Bonus From6B Action Point+2 A+1 D+1 ->Question8C
Yellow Brenda AT+1 LI+2 RA+2 *Bonus From6B Action Point+2 A+1 D+1 ->Question8D
Red A+1 D+1 AT+1 DF+1 RA+2*Bonus From6B Alfred+Lanford AP+1 A+1 ->Question8B
**If the previous question was question 6B or question 6D, you will receive
bonus. The bonus points adds to the corresponding character, not Sigma.

7C) Choose an animal instinct to add into the battle program
Tiger AT+4 DF+2 A-1 D-1 ->Question8A
Wolf AT-1 DF-1 A+2 Action Point Merc+2 ->Question8B
Horse MV+2 V+2 ->Question8C
Eagle A+2 MV+2 ->Question8D

7D) What is your interest?
Wealth and Authority Gold +50P Necklace ->Question8C
Eternal beauty INT+3 LI+2 ->Question8B
Lost knowledge INT+6 MP+4 Zone ->Question8A
Conqueror Strategy D+1 All characters Merc Count+1 ->Question8D

8A) What will you use your power for?
Domination INT+1 MC+1 SwordEquip *Bonus from7A A+1 APM+1->Question9A
God AP+4 *Bonus from7A AT+1 MV+2 ->Question9D
Peace INT+4 DF+1 *Bonus from7A DF+1 D+1 RA+1 M+1 ->Question9B
Happiness M+2 LI+2 *Bonus from7A all characters M+1 ->Question9C
** You will receive bonus by answering "domination" if you had answered "Rely on
self-consciousness" for quesiton 7A

8B) What do you think of a man?
Burning Soul MP+2 Heal1 ->Question9D
Steel Body DF+1 RA+2 ->Question9C
Love to fight A+2 ->Question9B
Justice D+1 M+1 ->Question9A

8C) What do you feel before battle?
Fight with instinct AT+2 A+2 INT-2 M-2 RA-2 ->Question9D
Fight with hatred AT+2 DF-1 INT+4 ->Question9C
Self-sacrifice AT-1 DF-1 INT-2 RA-2 A+1 D+1 M+2 ->Question9A
Self-defense INT+4 Heal1 ->Question9B

8D) Which type of battle do you like the most
Ambush MV+2 V+2 Critical AT-1 DF-1 A-1 D-1 ->Question9C
Amount MC+1, Lambda MC+1 ->Question9B
Information INT+2 AP+2 A+2 AT-1 DF-1 ->Question9A
Psychology INT+2 MP+6 ->Question9D

9A) Which group of troops you like the most
Small elite force MC-1 A+1 D+1 M+1 ->Question10
Weak but large group MC+2 A-1 D-1 M-2 ->Question10
Strong commander AT+2 DF+2 RA+3 A-1 D-1 M-2 ->Question10
Loyal troops APM+2 V+2 ->Question10

9B) You was ambushed by the enemy, what will you do?
Retreat MV+2 V+2 ->Question10
Counterattack Attack1 A+1 APM+1 ->Question10
Defend Protection1 D+1 M+2 ->Question10
Buy some time to examine enemy Heal1 INT+3 MP+4 ->Question10

9C) Choose one of the following to strengthen yourself
Battle skill AT+2 DF+1 *Bonus from4 AT+2 DF+1 ->Question10
Knowledge INT+5 MP+5 RA+3 *Bonus from4 INT+5 MP+5 RA+3->Question10
Command ability AP+2 APM+2 *Bonus from4 AP+2 APM+2 ->Question10
Charisma LI+3 MC+1 *Bonus from5 LI+3 MC+1 ->Question10
**If you answered "Emerald" for question4, and your previous question was
question 8A, question 8B,question 8C or question 8D, you will receive bonus.

9D) Which instinct do you want to enhance?
Hunt DF+2 ->Question10
Sleep INT+2 MP+3 Sleep ->Question10
Attack AT+2 AP+1 ->Question10
Sex LI+3 Confuse ->Question10

10) What do you search for in battle
All comrades died but you are alive AT+4 DF+5 RA+10 All char DF-1 ->Question11
Comrades alive but you died AT+2 DF-2 All char DF+1 ->Question11
Keep secret and killyour comrade AT+5 DF+2 LI+3 ->Question11
Ignore orders and care for others DF+1 D+2 M+3 LI+1 ->Question11
**1) you did not answered "Emerald" for quesition 4
2) you answered "Emerald" for question 4, but your previous question was 9C
you will be asked Question 11 after this question.
On the other hand, if you
1) Answered "Emerald" for question 4
2) your previous quesiton was not question 9C
you will be asked question 9C after this question.

11) Which skill do you think is important?
Theology D+1 Heal1 Resist INT+4 MP+2 ->END
Magic A+1 FireBall Freeze INT+4 MP+4 ->END
Defensive skill Protection1 AT+2 M+2 DF+1 D+1 ->END
Offensive skill Attack1 AT+3 A+2 ->END

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