Langrisser Re:Incarnation Creation Quiz

Upon starting a new game, you are greeted by Jessica, Lushiris' envoy who proceeds to ask you a series of questions. These questions determine the Class Change Chart for Ares, his starting stats and starting items.

Question 1

Which soldiers are most useful?

  • Agile, multi-role infantry (Ares Fighter Class Chart)
  • Wise mages that turn the tide (Ares Magician Class Chart)
  • Rank-breaking cavalry (Ares Calvary Class Chart)
  • Clerics who heal and support (Ares Cleric Class Chart)

Question 2

What do you believe in most?

  • My own strength (AT +1)
  • Friendship (Mercenary Hires +1)
  • God (Quick Fix Learned, if Cleric MP+1)

Question 3

What do you think is most important for a good life?

  • Money (+500pt)
  • Knowledge (?)
  • Luck (?)
  • Love (?)

Question 4

Your town is being invaded. What is your plan of action?

  • Destroy the enemy (AT +1)
  • Set up defenses and wait (DF +1)
  • Entreat nearby cities for aid (Learn Command Range+1)
  • Flee (Learn Move+1)

Question 5

Tomorrow is your friend's anniversary. What would you like to do for your friend?

  • Cook them a sumptuous meal (?)
  • Give them a gift they requested (?)
  • Throw a surprise party (?)

Question 6

What animal would you prefer as a pet?

  • Dog (Learn Augmentation)
  • Cat (Learn Lightfoot)
  • Turtle (Learn Protection)
  • I prefer Friends over pets (A+1 D+1)

Question 7

You gain a supernatural power. What kind of power is it?

  • Precognition (Attack Speed Increase)
  • Telekinesis (AT +1)
  • Erasing supernatural powers (?)

Question 8

In matters of the heart, what factor is most important in wooing the person you love?

  • Good looks (?)
  • Sincerity (A+1 D+1)
  • Money (+500pt)

Question 9

What must you do to attract the person you like?

Improve my looks (?)
Be more successful at my job (?)
Train to be stronger (AT+1)

Question 10

Lastly, why do you fight?

For my loved ones (DF+1)
For my country (Learn Command Ability+3)
for my honor (AT+1)

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