Langrisser IV Quiz

This is the quiz which appears in the beginning of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn port of Langrisser IV. It is used to help determine certain stats and starting equipment of Landius, the first few choices also determine Landius' Class Chart


Oh, brother! While cleaning the attic, I found a strange fortune telling book.

I was thinking… why not give it a try? Shall we?

1. First, choose two cards out of the following four.

  • Ace (Royal Guard secret class enabled → Question 2)
  • Jack (Path 1 secret class enabled →Question 2)
  • Queen (Path 2 secret class enabled →Question 2)
  • King (Path 3 secret class enabled →Question 2)

2. Now then, choose from these four in order of most to least favorite.

Each answer will assign Paths A, B and C of Landius' class change chart.

For more information about Landius' Class Chart refer to his Character Page

3. Out of these three, which do you think is most important for a great hero to possess?

4. Before heading off to battle, you must say farewell to your lover. What do you do?

5. From what do you think true courage comes from?

6. Tell me, what is real power?

7. Pick from these things that which interests you most.

8. What do you think love is?

  • Something shared (MP +1, Rachel and Angelina's Love Index +1, Cure →Question 11)
  • Something sacred (Listell's Love Index +1, Elemental Resistance +1 →Question11 Question 11)
  • Something that is given (Shelfaniel and Serena's Love Index +1, DF +1 →Question11Question 11)
  • A fairy tale (Rachel and Shelfaniel's Love Index -1, AT +1, DF +1, Elemental Resistance +1 →Question11 Question 11)

9. All of a sudden, you encounter wild monsters. How do they behave?

10. What do you think a man is?

11 Part 1. Which of these four would you say is one of your strengths?

11 Part 2. Which would you say is your weakness?

  • Decisiveness (Judgment -2)
  • Virtue (D -1, Alignment +1)
  • Battle prowess (AT -1, DF -1)
  • Intelligence (Intelligence -3, Magic Resistence -2)

12. You are commander of an army. When your enemies catch you in a surprise attack, what do you do?

13. Where do you think god lives?

  • In heaven (Holy Resistence +3, Intelligence +2, Alignment -1, Cure →Question16 Question 16)
  • There's no such thing (AT +1, DF +1, A +1, Physical Resistence +3, Rachel and Serena's Love Index -1, Listell's Love Index +1, Alignment +1 →Question16 Question 16)
  • Within all things (Intelligence +3, MP +3 →Question16 Question 16)
  • He's sitting right in front of you! (AT +2, DF +2, A +1, Intelligence -1, Rachel, Shelfaniel, Angelina and Serena's Love Index -1, Listell's Love Index +1, Alignment +2 →Question16 Question 16)

14. If you were to gain an unimaginable power, what would you do?

15. If you could only read one of these three books, which would you choose?

16. If you were a commander in an army, what type of troops do you think would suit you?

17. Which do you think is most important for building the best military unit?

18. When battle breaks out, which of these things do you need the most?

19. What type of girl do you like?

  • A sweet young girl, maybe a bit spoiled (Rachel's Love Index +2, Angelina, Shelfaniel, Serena and Listell's Love Index -1 →Question20 Question 20)
  • Seemingly strong, but secretly lonely (Angelina's Love Index +2, Shelfaniel, Rachel, Serena and Listell's Love Index -1 →Question20 Question 20)
  • The fragile type that needs a protector (Shelfaniel's Love Index +2, Angelina, Rachel, Serena and Listell's Love Index -1 →Question20 Question 20)
  • A kind, mature woman (Serena's Love Index +2, Angelina, Shelfaniel, Rachel and Listell's Love Index -1 →Question20 Question 20)
  • The strong, older sister type (Listell's Love Index +2, Angelina, Shelfaniel, Rachel and Serena's Love Index -1 →Question20 Question 20)

20. When you ride into battle, what is it you fight for?

  • To get what I want (AT +2, DF +1, A +1)
  • To protect what's important (Love Index +1, Heal 1)
  • Revenge (AT +3, A +2, Alignment +1)
  • I only fight in self-defense (DF +1, Elemental Resistance +1, D +1, Magic Resistance +2, Alignment -1)

It says there's a present for you.

Give the circle button a push!
(Gives a random Item)

That's All. I can't wait to see the reading!

Ahh… I've had enough too. Why don't we go out somewhere? It's a beautiful day.

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