Langrisser IV Love Points

Langrisser IV continues the romance system that began in Langrisser III. The pool of potential love interests changes depending on the path you take, but on Path B (Chaos Path) Landius has no choice.

Landius has a choice of Rachel, Shelfaniel, Angelina, Serena, Listell


  • The love index begins for each heroine begins at 100.
  • For each retreat, one love point is lost from the total.
  • Remember also, that in addition to this, each character still must have a high kill count and zero retreats to gain their best ending.

Needed Points

These are the minimum needed points to have a successful confession scene with the chosen characters.

Path A and C

  • Rachel
    • Path A 120
    • Path C 120
  • Shelfaniel
    • Path A 120
    • Path C 122
  • Angelina
    • Path A 120
    • Path C 125

Path A Only

  • Serena
    • 115

Path C Only

  • Listell
    • 107
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