Der Langrisser II Scenarios

List of Langrisser II Scenarios


Scenario 1: Prologue

In its long history, the continent El Sallia has been a dark land marked by endless battle. Erwin, a young swordsman, has been traveling its countryside with his friend, Hein, an apprentice magician he met on his journeys. Their long travels have led them to the outskirts of Hein's home town, where the travelers decided to seek rest at the inn.

Village life was quiet and peaceful. Amidst a sea of smiling faces, the weary travelers found respite from the wars ravaging El Sallia. Days rolled into nights and passed on quite quickly, and Erwin began to enjoy the quiet life of a villager.

Then one day, Hein suddenly burst into the inn, his face stricken pale as a ghost's. The Imperial Knights of the Rayguard Empire had disrupted the village on imperial command, seeking only a girl named Liana. None knew why the knights, known throughout the land for their honor and righteousness, would now attack such a peaceful village.

Erwin and Hein left the inn together to rescue Liana.

Victory Condition:

  • Best Baldo in combat

Failure Conditions:

  • Erwin perishes
  • Baldo escapes to the bottom of the map

Scenario 2: Setting Off

By a stroke of good fortune, Erwin rescued Liana from her would-be kidnappers, the Imperial Knights. However, with Rayguard forces still in pursuit, Loren, Lord of Salrath, concluded it impossible to defend her in his remote lands.

After a night of consideration, Estool, a shrine where Liana served as a shrine maiden, was selected as the safest hiding place. When dawn broke, Erwin and Loren set out to escort Liana along the road to Estool.

However, unwilling to relent in their pursuit, an imperial detachment led by Leon and Laird awaited them at the crossroads…

Victory Conditions:

  • Liana escapes to the top of the map
  • Best all enemies

Failure Conditions:

  • Erwin perishes
  • Liana perishes

Scenario 3: Shrine of Light

Having bested the Imperial Knights in combat yet again, the companions pressed on in their journey to the shrine of Estool. The shrine was renowned across the land as a sanctuary for passing pilgrims, guarded by its force of warrior-priests.

After a night of bed rest, dawn broke, and with it came the head priest's acceptance of Liana's custody. With their journey drawing to a close, the companions pondered where to continue their travels.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commander of the Blazing Dragon Army Zorum and Morgan of the Dark Dragon Sorcerers prepared an ambush…

Victory Condition:

  • Best all enemies

Failure Conditions:

  • Erwin perishes
  • The Shrine Priest perishes
  • Liana perishes

Scenario 4: Battle at Kalxath Castle

Having sustained considerable damage in the attack, Estool's Shrine of Light could adequately defend Liana no longer. Cherie, a young lady from Kalxath, extended to the companions the protection of her country – one of the few countries still resisting.

Accepting Cherie's invitation, Erwin and his companions began their march to Kalxath. They arrived in the nick of time, for Castle Kalxath had come under assault by the Blazing Dragon Army.

Even with Kalxath's great strength, the walls surely will not hold long against the onslaught of General Vargas and his forces.

Only from the bloody wake of battle will a victor emerge.

Victory Condition:

  • Best all enemies

Failure Conditions:

  • Erwin perishes
  • All NPCs perish

Scenario 5: In Flames

The companions left Castle Kalxath to seek the powerful sorceress, Jessica, rumored to know the resting place of the Dark Rod. According to legend, for several hundred years she has lived in seclusion, deep within the forests beyond the flow of the Rall River.

As the companions drew near the riverbank, they were confronted by a roving band of pirates.

Elsewhere, court magician and head of the Dark Dragon Sorcerers, Egbert, was laying a trap to recover the Dark Rod first.

Victory Condition:

  • Best Camilla in combat

Failure Conditions:

  • Erwin perishes
  • Jessica perishes

Scenario 6: Holy Ground Reitel

Jessica revealed the Dark Rod was enshrined in Reitel, a sanctuary of light atop the highest mountain— far beyond the view of mortals.

However, as the companions drew near the shrine, Egbert was
mysteriously absent … The shrine sat silent as the grave.

Deep within waited ancient guardians. Powerful beings sworn to protect the Dark Rod from those invaders desiring its powers.

Victory Conditions

  • Best all enemies
  • Reach the Dark Rod's altar

Failure Condition

  • Erwin perishes

Scenario 7: Girl of the Demon Tribe

Only moments before it was within Erwin's grasp, Egbert had snatched away the Dark Rod.

With the companions' failure, Jessica left the entourage to seek potential allies for Kalxath in the coming war against Rayguard.

With the Dark Rod in hand, the Empire was positioned to mount an invasion force and conquer the remaining El Sallian countryside.

Light's last hope is the power of a legendary holy sword, able to crush the powers of darkness, and with them the Kaiser's ambitions.

Questing for the sword's barrow, the companions came upon a hamlet under raid by a band of marauding monsters.

Unwilling to leave the villagers to their fate, Erwin and his companions dashed into the fray.

Victory Condition

  • Best all enemies

Failure Conditions

  • Erwin perishes
  • All villagers perish

Path Options

Light Path

Scenario 8: The Sky Bridge

After a short-lived alliance with General Leon of the Blue Dragon Knights, Erwin resolved to battle the Empire to the end.

Locked in a scramble against time and foe to recover Langrisser, Erwin and his companions fell prey to an imperial ambush.

An imperial regiment lay across the suspension bridge— the only path between the cliffs of a deep chasm.

Krämer, under orders from Imelda, the woman general of the Water Dragon Navy, planned to sever the ropes and collapse the bridge.

If the bridge collapses before the companions can pass, it will deal them an unrecoverable blow in the race for Langrisser.

With no other option, the companions moved onto the bridge to battle time and foe to force their way through enemy lines …

Victory Condition

  • Best Krämer's forces in no more than 18 turns

Failure Conditions

  • Erwin perishes
  • 18 turns pass without victory

Scenario 9: The Old Swordsman's Fort

Scenario 10: Brave General Vargas

Scenario 11: Holy Sword, Langrisser

Scenario 12: The Iron gates of the barracks

Scenario 13: Kaiser Bernhardt

Defeat Boser Next Scenario below

Defeat Bernhardt {Sc32}{Lv25}

Scenario 14: The Harbor Battle

Scenario 15: Marionette

Scenario 16: Revival of the Demon Sword

Scenario 17: Key to the Seal

Scenario 18: Revenge

If you continue to Velzeria go to Scenario 19

If you Chase Sonya go to Scenario 22

Scenario 19: Strongest Knights in the Land

Scenario 20: The Evil Blade

Scenario 21: Legend comes to pass

Sonya chased

Scenario 19 (22): Lunatic

Scenario 20 (23): Strongest Knights in the Land"

(Version 2)

Scenario 21 (24): End of Legend

Defeated Kaiser Bernhardt

Scenario 14 (25) Harbor Battle

(Vs Monsters)

If victorious before Boat leaves go to Scenario 26

If Boat leaves before victory, go to Scenario 28

Scenario 15 (26): Imelda's Ambush

Scenario 16 (27): Marionette

If Boat Left

Scenario 15 (28): Frozen Flame

Scenario 16 (29): Dead End

Both Scenario 27 and 29 Go to Scenario 30

Scenario 17 (30): Revival of the Demon Sword

If you Take Lana go to Scenario 31

or Take Aaron go to Scenaruo 33

Scenario 18 (31): Key to the Seal"

Scenario 19 (32): Revenge

(Version 2)

After Scenaruo 32 Go to Scenario 23 and then Scenario 24

Chose Aaron

Scenario 18 (33): Key to the Seal

Scenario 19 (34): Revenge

Scenario 20 (35): Strongest Knights in the Land

Scenario 21 (35): The End of Legend

Imperial Path

Follows Scenario 7

Scenario 8 (37): Go Ahead


Scenario 9 (38): Wanted

Scenario 10 (39): The Old Swordsman's Stand

  • Answer Aaron "It's only Natural" to have the option to rebel.

Scenario 11 (40): The Holy Blades Mystery

  • If in Scenario 8 you answered, "I don't know" and in 10 to Aaron "It's only natural" you may rebel
    • If you rebel go to Scenario 56

Scenario 12 (41): Sad Pursuit

Scenario 13 (42): Genocide

Scenario 14 (43): The Defense camp's iron wall

Scenario 15 (44): The fall of Kalxath

Scenario 16 (45): Triangle

Pursue Boser and or defeat all enemies go to Scenario 46

Pursue Jessica go to Scenario 51

Scenario 17 (46): Love Sonya

  • Rohga talks Sonya on Scenario 07 & 16, once more, she can join.
  • If Rohga cannot convince Sonya go to Scenario 57

Scenario 18 (47): Dark Breaker" & "Sad Assault"

  • (Scenario Name Depends on If Sonya Died, or Joined, Level is Same)

Scenario 19 (48): Scattered stars, everywhere

Scenario 20 (49): The Old Castle

Scenario 21 (50): The Decisive Battle

Pursed Jessica

Scenario 17 (51): Great River of Regret"

Scenario 18 (52): Light Falls…

Scenario 19 (53): Dark power

Scenario 20 (54): Dangerous Castle Velzeria

  • If Rohga saves Sonya, go to Scenario 78
  • If not go to Scenario 55

Scenario 21 (55): Sad Assault

Version 2

Rohga and Sonya Reconciled on Pursed Jessica Path

Scenario 21 (56)

Rohga and Sonya not Reconciled

Scenario 18 (74) : Sad Assault

Scenario 19 (75): Scattered Stars, Everywhere

Scenario 20 (76): The Old castle

Scenario 21 (77): The decisive battle

If Sonya is saved in Scenario 54

Scenario 21 (78): Far away, to the Legend

Chaos Path

Follows Scenario 11 of Imperial Path (Scenario 40)

Scenario 12 (56): Military Rule

Scenario 13 (57): Kaiser Bernhardt

Scenario 14 (58): Genocide

Scenario 15 (59): Kalxath, surrender!

Scenario 16 (60): The true power of Alhazard

  • If you betray Boser and fight everyone go to Scenario 73
  • If not continue to Scenario 61

Scenario 17 (61): Messenger of Darkness

Scenario 18 (62): Scattered Waves

Scenario 19 (63): Twin Castle

Scenario 20 (64): The Empire's last day

Scenario 21 (65): The Legendary Darkness

Independent Path

Follows Scenario 16 of Chaos Path (Scenario 60)

Scenario 17 (66): The way of the Supreme Ruler

Scenario 18 (67): Blaze of the Blue Dragon

Scenario 19 (68): Kaiser Bernhardt

Scenario 20 (69): Ruins of Gaia

Scenario 21(70): Neo Gloria

Secret Stages

Scenario ?1 (71): The Muscular Shrine

Scenario ?2 (72): Masayan Quiz

Scenario ?3 *73): I've seen you somewhere

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