Langrisser II Quiz

This is the quiz which appears in the beginning of the Super Famicom, PC-FX, PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC port of Langriser II. It is used to help determine Erwin first class, as well as certain stats and starting equipment.


Welcome to El Sallia. My name is Lushiris. As the Goddess of Light, I have summoned you from above.

Our world has once again become exposed to the threat of evil.

I have long waited for a courageous person like you to appear.

In order to see if you are the one who can save this world, I must ask you some questions.

To begin with, please tell me your name.

Well then, Erwin, please answer my questions honestly.

1. While resupplying, your enemy has launched a surprise attack. What will you do?

2. Where do you believe God resides?

  • God does not exist (Troops -1; Starting class is Warlock; can hire Soldier; Able to cast Magic Arrow →Question 5)
  • In the heavens above (Troops -1; Starting class is Bishop; can hire Monk→Question 5)
  • Within each of our hearts (→Question 4)

3. What is the essential quality of a matchless unit?

  • Destructive power (Starting class is Gladiator; can hire Barbarian →Question 6)
  • Leadership (Starting class is Fighter; can hire Soldier →Question 6)
  • Mobility (→Question 4)

Question 4. Which of these would you like at your next house?

  • The salty brine of sea air (Troops +1; Starting class is Pirate; can hire Merman→Question 7)
  • The soft breath of spring (Troops +1; Starting class is Knight; can hire Trooper; →Question 7)
  • A fresh, gentle breeze (Troops +1; Starting class is Hawknight; can hire Harpy→Question 7)

5. If the world collapses into crisis and ruin, what will save us?

  • Great and powerful gods (Able to cast Force Heal 1 →Question 8)
  • A wealth of knowledge (Able to cast Thunder →Question 9)
  • My own strength (Attack +1 →Question 10)

6. If you gained command of a new unit, what would you demand of it?

7. Ideally, what abilities should an excellent army possess?

8. When faced by a being of total darkness, what do you consider it as?

  • As a vicious enemy (MP +4; Can cast Turn Undead →Question 13)
  • As a being to worship (Receive Devil Axe→Question 14)
  • One not to be trifled with (MP +2; Receive Wizard Robes →Question 15)

9.To what cause do you plan to devote your life?

  • To protect the ones I love (MP +4; Can cast Protection 1 →Question 13)
  • To strengthen myself (AT +2; DF +1 →Question 14)
  • To fulfil my dreams (MP +4; Can cast Attack 1 →Question 15)

10. An ally unit has been enveloped, but yours is also in danger. What would be your command?

  • Order a retreat (Experience +7; Receive Swift Boots →Question 14)
  • Hold out for reinforcements (Can cast Protection 1; Receive Shield →Question 15)
  • Rush to their aid (Can cast Heal 1; Receive Cross →Question 16)

11. What do you most strive to obtain in this life?

12. If you gained a position of great power, how would you use it?

13. What kind of thing is love to you?

  • Something given mutually (MP +1; Can cast Charm →Question 18)
  • Something one receives (Receive War Hammer →Question 18)
  • A source of infinite power (AT +1 →Question 18)

14. What is it you expect from this world?

15. What ability must the ruler of a nation possess?

16. What do you believe is required in order to become a hero?

17. You are a boy, aren't you?

18 At the outset of battle, what skills do you require of yourself?

Question 19 What do you look for in an ideal unit?

  • A select few (A+ 1; D+1; Troops -1 →Question 20)
  • Strength in numbers (Troops +1; MP +2; Can cast Attack 1 →Question 20)
  • I alone am enough (AT +2; DF +1 →Question 20)

20 Lastly, for what purpose do you fight?

  • To obtain glory and honour (AT +2)
  • To protect my homeland (MP +1; Can cast Attack 1)
  • To protect my loved ones (DF +1; Can cast Protection 1)

And now, I return you to your world below. May your quest be successful.

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