Langrisser I Quiz

This is the quiz which appears in the beginning of the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC port of Langriser I. It is used to help determine certain stats and starting equipment of Ledin, but does not affect his class route.


Welcome to El Sallia. My name is Lushiris. As the Goddess of Light, I summoned you from the land below.

Our world has once again become exposed to the threat of an ancient darkness.

Long have I awaited the appearance of one so courageous as you.

In order to see if you can truly save our world, I have some questions I must ask you.

So then, Ledin, please answer my questions with an honest heart.

1. If the world collapses into crisis and ruin, what will save us?

2. When confronted by being of evil, how do you perceive it?

  • A wicked enemy (MP +2, Turn Undead →Question 5)
  • A being to worship (Devil Axe →Question 6)
  • Something not to be trifled with (MP +2, Mirage Robe →Question 7)

3. For what purpose do you exist in this world?

  • To protect the ones I love (Protection 1 →Question 5)
  • To strengthen myself (AT +2, DF +1 →Question 6)
  • To follow my dreams (MP +4, Attack 1 →Question 7)

4. An ally unit has been encircled by the enemy. But you're in a dangerous position as well. What will you do?

5. What is love to you?

6. What do you desire in this world?

7. What ability must the ruler of a country possess?

8. What do you think makes one a hero?

9. At the start of a battle, what skills do you require the most?

10. What kind of unit would you most like under your command?

11. Lastly, for what purpose do you fight?

  • For glory and honor (AT +2)
  • To protect my land (MP +1, Attack 1)
  • To protect the ones I love (DF +1, Protection 1)

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