Devil Gods

Shika Gods

  • Arekashi, God of Shika (アレカシ)
  • Great Mother of Many Souls

Minor Gods

These are seen as summons or are briefly mentioned such as in item descriptions or secret tiles and while they reference real world gods, they may not be so in the universe of Langrisser.

  • Norse Gods
    • Freyja (Summon in I-V)
    • Thor, God of Thunder (Summon in III-V, mentioned in item descriptions)
    • Odin, God of War and Weather (mentioned in item descriptions)
      • Sleipnir (Odin's Horse) (Summon in I, II, IV, V)
      • Fenrir (Monstrous Wolf) (Summon in I-V)
      • Jörmungandr (Monstrous Serpent)
  • Irish Gods
    • Dagda (mentioned in item descriptions)
  • Greco-Roman Gods
    • Neptune (Summon in III)
    • Medusa (Summon in IV-V)
    • Artemis, Moon Goodess (mentioned in item descriptions)
    • Apollo, Sun God (mentioned in item descriptions)
  • Ancient Near Eastern Gods
    • Lilith (Summon in III-V)
    • Baphomet (Summon in III)
    • Beelzebub (Summon in III-V)
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