Elthlead is the first game in what was is known as the Elthlead Trilogy, the other two games being Crest of Gaia and Guyframe. This game provided the basic building blocks for the world of Gaia which is seen not only in the Trilogy but also the later Langrisser series as well.

Characters such as Sieghart and Boser ultimately derive from this series and several of the units from Langrisser are certainly influenced by this earlier game such as Grand Knights from Langrisser I and Grand Dinos from this game.

Langrisser I mentions the war of Elthlead and Langrisser II has Sieghart from it and the original versions of these game appear to take place in the same world.

Langrisser III, however, represent a major recon of the series and changes what the war of Elthlead look like.


  • Japanese Name: エルスリード
  • English: Elthlead

Game Information

Release Information

  • NEC PC-8801 Version Released March 20, 1987
  • Sharp X1 Version Released 1987
  • MSX Version Released 1988
  • Sharp X68000 Version Released March 30, 1989
    • known as History of Elthlead
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