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Crest of Gaia is the second entry in what is know as the Elthlead Trilogy. While Elthlead was the building block for the gameplay of this trilogy and for the Langrisser series. Crest of Gaia was the were the story elements began to form.

While Elthlead is the beginning of the series, Crest of Gaia is sort of an enhancement, not of gameplay per say but of story. In this we learn of the details of the battles involved in the war.

Crest of Gaia details a war between the forces of Elthlead and the forces of Velzeria. The game begins with the Velzerian ruler, Böser launching his campaign to conquer El Sallia after he gains the Power of Gaia. His conquest leaves a path of destruction leading toward Elthlead forcing King Sieghart and his allies to march toward Velzeria and force Böser back to his dark domain. Seighart must win, to save El Sallia and restore balance to all of Gaia.


Japanese Name: ガイアの紋章
English: Crest of Gaia

Game Information

Release Information

  • NEC PC-8801 Version Released June 1987
  • Sharp X1 Version Released August 1987
  • MSX Version Released 1988
  • PC-Engine Version Released Septemeber 23, 1988
  • Sharp X68000 Version Released March 30, 1989
    • known as History of Elthlead

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