Personal Data
Japanese ヴォルコフ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Baldea
Position Fencing Teacher
Starting Class Swordmaster
Voice Actor Banjō Ginga1Shinji Ogawa2 Kenta Sasa3


Volkoff was a veteran knight of the Baldea kingdom. By order of King Isaac, he was to guard Prince Ledin on his journey.

"Yes, sire! I shall guard him with my life." - Volkoff, Scenario 1


Volkoff was one of the senior generals of Baldea. For a number of years, he served as a fencing tutor for Baldea. Training in particular, Prince Ledin.

When the Dalsis Empire attacked the castle, King Isaac asked Volkoff to escort Ledin to Salrath, so the young prince could seek aid from the dukedom. Volkoff, agreed readily, and promised to keep the prince safe.

As they journeyed to Salrath, the Shika ambushed a group of traveling pilgrims, among them the young cleric Chris. There he joined Prince Ledin in protecting the pilgrims. Once more, the Shika would attack Salrath, and he the veteran would once again take up arms to defend the town.

After Narm brought news of Baldea's fall, he followed Ledin through the Forest of Death toward the fallen capital in hopes of reaching the castle quicker. Inside thy beset by slimes and were it not for the timely arrival of Chris and Thorn they might have been doomed. They are able to drive the gels away.

Outside the forest, the Dalsis Forces, led by Lance, met them.

After a hard-pressed battle, the Baldean forces were victorious, but enemy archers let loose poison arrows intended for Ledin. Volkoff pushed the prince out of the way, taking the arrows. In the process, however, the old sword master was mortally wounded.

His dying words are expressed hope that Ledin would reclaim Baldea and become king.

Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Volkoff Patronymic derived from Russian волк (volk) meaning "wolf".
Japanese ヴォルコフ Vorukofu
Chinese 沃尔科夫 Volkoff4
Korean 볼코프 Bolkopeu
Warsong Baldarov Russian surname
Other Volgof5, Volcov6

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