A mysterious figure involved with Brenda, he instructs her to make contact with Sigma.


  • Japanese: ヴィラージュ
  • English: Virash
  • Also Romanized as: Villerge1


Virash is a Crimzo Lander originally from the village of Recrio, Brenda and him are quite close, like brother and sister. Whenever he would return they two of them would share stories.

Their relationship will be later misinterpreted by Lainforce because of Zero's scheming. This will lead to the destruction of Recrio.

Virash is first seen following Sigma's and Lambda's escape from Gizlof's lab. He notices that they are two of Gizlof's experiments and orders Brenda to make contact.

The next time that Virash and Brenda meet, is when she is trying to locate a weapon to help Salrath. Here it is revealed that he is after Langrisser and Alhazard. Virash secures the weapon for Brenda, on the condition that she returns it immediately or destroy it.

Virash joins up with the group next when Eric leads him to them as they approach Gilmore's castle. He notices that the false Kaiser has gotten a hold of an ancient magical canon known as Gal Shok. His knowledge of the ancient weapon provides a way to destroy it.

After Sigma's entourage is able to acquire Langrisser, Brenda is trapped with Lainforce. Virash shows great concern for her and goes to rescues her. Following this, Virash mentions that Lainforce is the reason that Brenda's and his village was destroyed. It is here that Sigmas asks him who he is exactly, that Brenda and him are Crimzo Landers.

After revealing this, he tells Sigma to take Langrisser and stop the Three Kingdom Rebellion. Explaining that while it was originally a Crimzo Lander weapon it now belongs to the Descendants of the Light. While they stop the rebellion, Virash sets off to find the Alhazard, which he refers to as "The true Sacred Sword."

His search for Alhazard is interrupted when Lainforce heads to the town of Valtaar afraid that he might use an ancient space battleship. He leads the Crimzo Landers along with some magical giants. The main bulk of his forces and the Giants engaged Zero, while he sends Brenda's mercenaries to destroy the ship.

Unfortunately, Lainforce realized his true goal and intercepts the mercenaries, killing all of them.

Sigma and the others next meet up with Virash in trying to understand the curse laid upon the houses of Sutherland and Reynolds. During this meeting, he reveals that Lainforce is trying to acquire the ship and that in trying to stop him, Brenda's mercenaries have been killed.

After Lainforce is defeated it is revealed what really happened to Recrio village. Between Virash and Lainforce, the true purpose of Alhazard is revealed, the ancient war, and how Langrisser was originally made. Real zing the goals of the Demon Tribe and the need to stop Alhazard from using the gathered mana, Virash suggest using a weather-altering device and directs Sigma and others of where to find it.

As they debate on how stop Pelia, Virash helps Sigma and the others acquire the means to travel Pelia, having realized that Sigma alone can stop the outpouring of mana from the moon. Virash will travel to the moon to help rescue them.

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