Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf
Personal Data
Japanese シルバーウルフ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Laffel
Position Laffel Bandit
Starting Class Bandit
Voice Actor Fûrin Cha
Camp Icon_Group_Origin.pngIcon_Group_Meteor.png


The self-proclaimed guardian of the people who helps to defend Laffel when Barral invaded it.

"If you don't recognize me, you're a full-blown Barral bumpkin! Alright, listen up: I am the heavenly-descended, grand and honorable thief, Sir Silver Wolf! This is our town! Your foul work ends here!" - Silver Wolf, Scenario 2


  • Japanese: シルバーウルフ
  • English: Silver Wolf
  • Chinese: 银狼
  • Korean: 실버울프
  • Also seen as: Silver Wolve1


Silver Wolf is a mysterious thief who always hides his face and calls himself Silver Wolf, keeping his true identity hidden. When Barral attacks the city of Laffel following Rigüler's attack on the kingdom of Larcuss, Silver Wolf with his band of Bandits help to defend the city and allow the civilians to escape.

After the battle Diehärte thanks Silver Wolf for his assistance and then the thief takes his leave before he is can be captured by the Barral forces.

Silver Wolf after Diehärte has obtained the Haja-no-ken and beginning to plan the liberation of Laffel. While getting plans together the two run into each other. Diehärte asks Silver Wolf if he knows anything of Geriord and then asks the thief to keep track of the Dark Knight's movements, which Silver Wolf agrees to.

In the battle for Laffel, Silver Wolf appears suddenly declares that he's "come to save the day," before joining Diehärte's forces in the battle against Flaire and the Barral forces after they are victorious, Silver Wolf wants to repay Diehärte for delivering and joins his forces to help liberate Larcussia.

His skills are used immediately, as Silver Wolf sends his people to find out what happened to Count Raymond after the Empire's mechanic troops decimate the liberation forces. His men report back to him that indeed Raymond was captured and plan to send him to the Imperial Capital. Silver Wolf has his band of thieves keep an eye on when they start to move Raymond, which they do.

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