Sigma Σ-066
Personal Data
Japanese シグマ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Kalxath
Position Former Captain of Kalxath Guard
Starting Class Fighter
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa
Camp Icon_Group_Lead.pngIcon_Group_Meteor.pngIcon_Group_Crystal.png


One of Gizlof's experiments, Lamda wakes him up to help search for their master. He is uncertain of his abilities and doesn't know who he is except that Lainforce is chasing him and Lambda.

Sigma was originally known as Werner. Werner, the count of Egil and the former Captain of the Imperial Knights of the Kalxath Empire.


Gizlof's Experiment Code

  • Code: Σ-066
  • Japanese:シグマ
  • English: Sigma
  • Chinese: 西格玛
  • Korean: 시그마

Real Name

  • Japanse: ウェルナー
  • English: Werner1
  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 베르너

Name Etymology

  • Sigma

Sigma is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

  • Werner

From a Germanic name derived from warin "guard" combined with hari "army".


Early History

Werner was the only son of the Duke Eigil and the sister to Kaiser Kalxath. Because of his family connections and his skills with the sword, Kaiser Kalaxth appointed him at the young age of 17 as the Captain of the Imperial Knights.

Two years later, through the scheming of Grove, Werner was implicated in the death of the Kaiser. After the death of the Kaiser, Duke Eigil and his wife were executed, Werner escaped punishment fleeing to Yeless.

In Yeless he happens to enter the employ of Gizlof and began to work with Omega. During this time, Werner looks like a man who on death's door. In spite of that, Werner still quickly rose up the ranks and became one of Gizlof's top lieutenants.

Princess Clarett eventually finds him and stabs him in the heart, Werner doesn't try resisting and as Clarett noted: "it was like he wanted me to kill him." After Clarett leaves him for dead, Gizlof takes Werner and begins to experiment on him.

After the experiments, Gizlof dubs him Sigma 066 (Σ-066).

Langrisser V

Sometime later, Lambda wakes Sigma up when a group of Crimzonians, lead by Lainforce, invade the lab.

Class Change Chart

Path B Bronze
Path B
Gladiator Swordmaster Hero2
Fighter Battlemaster
Path A Path A Silver
Path A
Path C Iron

Sigma's class change chart changes depending on the answers given in the opening quiz of Langrisser V. Question 1, determines the secret classes and question 2 determines the branching

Earth Water Fire Wind
Path A Silver Knight Captain Sorcerer Hawk Lord
Path B Brave Knight Serpent Knight Mage Dragon Knight
Path C Knight Master Serpent Lord Archmage Dragon Lord
Path D Royal Guard Serpent Master Hermit Dragon Master
Langrisser V
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