Personal Data
Japanese ローゼンシル
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Regenburgh
Position Princess, later Queen of Regenburg
Starting Class Princess
Voice Actor Machiko Toyoshima


The Princess of the Regenburg Federation who is manipulated by Gizlof.


  • Japanese:ローゼンシル
  • English: Rozenciel1
  • Also Romanized as: Rozensil2


Rozenciel is the daughter of the sickly King Cleoness. At the start of Langrisser IV it is established that she has fallen for General Aldan.

When she is introduced we see that she quicker to accept that Rivaas had indeed planed a revolt with the Caconsis, even as her brother, Fredrick finds it hard to digest. Fredrick however, quickly departs to give his sister and Aldan time to talk. At which she expresses her fear of losing the general, knowing that he and Ranford are the two who will go to war.

Aldan tries to sway her fears in part by making clear that there are others who will take her hand in marriage such as Russel, but Rozenciel heart is set only upon Aldan.

After Aldan returns in defeat, Rozenciel tries to meet with him, but he refuses to be in her presence until he had earned the right once again, Rozenciel promises to wait for Aldan.

Later Kreuger visits Rozenciel as part of his father’s scheming and finds her alone in the Federation palace. He tries to comfort her, but her thoughts remain on her father and Aldan. However, Kreuger is just beginning to forge a relationship wit her.
After Aldan’s death, Rozenciel is informed of it while she and her brother, are visiting their sick father. Shortly before the messenger arrives, Cleoness indicates that he wishes to see her wed before his death. Rozenciel takes it very hard.

In time, Kreuger begins to visit her and comforting her, all the while really pursuing his father’s ambition. Rozenciel begins to fall for him. When Fredrick expresses concern, Rozenciel tries to defend him but Fredrick only says he wishes she would marry Russel instead.

After Russel’s exile, Cleoness and his children are visiting when the king expresses his desire once to see his daughter married. He is assured of the country’s future in young Fredrick, but desires deeply for Rozenciel to be married. She tells her father not to worry that his dream will come true.

Not long after that, Rozenciel is married to Kreuger. Sadly, however, her father, Cleoness dies shortly after the wedding.

After the death of Cleoness, Gizlof produces a will which states, that Rozenciel if married is be Queen and her Husband King and not Fredrick. The Princess and Prince are Surprised by this but with this the Federation is now ruled by Kreuger and Rozenciel.

Path C

After this revelation, a civil war erupts in the Federation, with Kreuger and Gizlof fighting for Rozenciel’s right to the throne and Valk and Ranford on the side of young Fredrick, The Loyalist.

Sadly, Fredrick assassinated by the demon Glaaz. Firmly establishing Rozenciel as the Queen of Regenburg, but in truth Gizlof rules. Since Rozenciel has imprisoned and stripped of any real power.

Langrisser V
By the events of Langrisser V, Rozenciel has assumed the full rights of the Regenburg throne. As such, she promotes Ranford to Field Marshal and Emily to General and appoints Russel as the new Prime Minister.



  • Cleoness


  • Fredrick

Love Interests

  • Aldan (True love)
  • Russel (In-line for her hand in marriage)
  • Kreuger (Shame Marriage)
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