Personal Data
Japanese ラグ
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Monster
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Worm Master
Starting Class
Voice Actor Fûrin Cha Shigezō Sasaoka


One of the three Velzerian generals of First Böser.


Japanese: ラグ
English: Rag


Rag enters into the main events of Langrisser III after Diehärte is able to save Sophia from the clutches of Keh Shikairo. He laments that Sopha was not killed, for her death would have made the Lushiris gate completely useless. Then with his magic, he begins to control Ka Shind and forces him to attack Keh Shikairo.

Diehärte and his entourage is able to defeat Rag however, much to the surprise of the Velzerian who takes thereafter escapes. Rag next appears when Böser is discussing with his other generals the Velzerian's next moves, where it is agreed to let Rigüler and the remnants of Larcuss fight it out.

Rag lead the initial invasion against Elthlead, attacking Larcussia after Altemüller had already launched an attack. However, the armies of Elthlead and Rigüler join together to war off the Velzerias, forcing Rag to retreat.

After his defeat at Larcussia, Rag is tasked by his master to assassinate Olver, Böser fearing his power to enhance the Haja no Ken. While in the midst of this attack, the forces of Elthlead arrive and are able to defeat him, seemingly killing the demon.

After Altemüller is chosen to be the next Böser, Rag is revealed, along with Grove and Feraquea to be immortal. He stops Diehärte from chasing after Altemüller. Once they had escaped, Rag helps Altemüller in understanding his new role as Böser explaining to him the power of the sword and what being the prince of Darkness means.

The prince of Darkness, Altemüller then launches an attack on the city of Laffel, placing Rag in charge after Emaillink refuses to serve his former Lord who has changed so much.

Once more the forces of Diehärte come to stop Rag and in the process, it is revealed that his worm is the reason that Barral's king has gone insane and why Geriord did the actions that he did as the Dark Knight.

After he is defeated in this battle, Rag is surprised to learn that the power of Langrisser prevents his resurrection and his body falls apart, this time, truly killing him.

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