Personal Data
Japanese クエイド
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Kalxath
Position Marquis, Captain of Kalxath's Imperial Knights
Starting Class Brave Knight
Voice Actor Masaya Takatsuka


One of Kalxath's top generals, he is corrupt like most of the leadership.

“We are the ruling class. We have every right to decide how to treat our people.” - Marquis Quaid, Scenario 11


Marquis Quaid is one of the top generals of Gilmore's Kalxath. Like the many of the other nobles of Kalxath at this time, he is quite corrupt. The marquis was quick to pledge his allegiance to Gilmore if that meant he could line his pockets.

In the events of Langrisser V, Quaid is first encountered by Sigma when he and his men are chasing after Prince Clarett. Wondering what has happened to his men, he stumbles upon the battle. He declares the guilt of Clarett and the "former Imperial knight captain," Sigma. Both of them have had bounties placed on their head for the death of Kaiser Kalxath.

As Sigma and the other venture toward Salrath, they come to a bridge and happen upon some Kalxath tax collectors, after Sigma and the others hold up the collectors, Quaid again shows up. Noting here that the princess has now not only killed her father but is rebelling against the Empire. Clarett is surprised to hear that he felt that as an aristocrat he could as he pleased.

Next, he engaged Sigma's group when they tried to liberate the prisoners of Gaiana prison with what he claims are his best troops. A further wrinkle in this fight is that Quaid makes it clear that he will kill the prisoners, nevertheless, he loses here as well.

Again Sigma and co face Quaid when they go rescue the Archbishop's daughter and again as
Brenda notes: "You came to get another beating?" Quaid cannot understand his continued losses.

The final time the group faces Quaid is when they go to liberate Kalxath Castle. He protects the other courts, ordering the troops, even as he continues to make tactical errors. As Sigma's forces breach the castle, Quaid finally loses his life.


Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English Quaid Originally a surname, ultimately from the surname McQuaid meaning “son of Uaid.”
Japanese クエイド -
Chinese 伊尔扎克 -
Korean - -
Other Creid1

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