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Personal Data
Japanese ボーゼル
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Rigüler
Position Prince of Velzeria
Starting Class Dark Master
Voice Actor Kaneto Shiozawa
Camp Icon_Group_Dark.pngIcon_Group_Transcendency.png


The main avatar for Chaos during events of the Langrisser Series. He was originally the power-hungry crown prince of Rigüler, but was later transformed into Böser. As the Prince of Darkness and the Ruler of Velzeria, Böser is the series main antagonist.

  • Japanese: ボーゼル
  • English: Böser1
    • Bosel2, Bozel3
    • Ganelon4,
  • Pseudonym
    • Langirsser IV
      • Japanese: フェアラート
      • English: Faelart5
      • Also Romanized as: Varach6
    • Langrisser Mobile
      • Japanese:
      • Chinese:
      • English: Archbishop Gambino

Name Etymology

  • Böser
    • German, meaning "more evil."
  • Faelart
    • From proto-celtic elements. fáel originally waylos, meaning "wolf" and art - artos "bear"
    • Another suggestion may be that Faelart would be better translated as Verrat7, a german word meaning "betrayal, treason, treachery, etc."
  • Gambino
    • Italian: from a diminutive of gamba ‘leg’, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs. The surname, probably of Italian origin, is also found in Spain and Portugal.


Langrisser III

Paul Kleist

Paul is the son of the sickly ruler of Rigüler, Heinrch Kleist IV and the heir apparent to the Rigüler throne. After the death of Altemüller's father the Rigüler throne fell to Kleist IV and from there to Paul.

It is later revealed that Paul was behind the poisoning of both Kleist IV and his brother as he vied for the throne.

Although Paul is next in line for the throne he knows well that Altemüller is preferred, but the field marshal also has no claim. As such when Altemüller loses a few battles, Paul is overjoyed for any sense of his cousin's failure.

Knowing that General Geier shares little love for the Field Marshal, Paul invites Geier to his inner circle, promising Geier the Field Marshal Office once he assumes the throne, if Geier can help rid him of Altemüller

After the death of Kleist, in his funeral procession, it is noticed instead of sadness, Paul displays satisfaction at the death of his father.

As Paul readies to take the throne, it is noted by his advisors that Altemüller continues to be popular among the court, to which Paul response that if his cousin blunders in the slightest, Paul will order his execution.

Paul is crowned the Kaiser of Rigüer following the poisoning of Altemüller and the Elthlead forces invasion of Velzeria. Upon his coronation, he promotes Geier to Field Marshal. He tasks Geier which invading Elthlead and wiping it out.

After Altemüller takes possession of Alhazard and Geier reports that the former field marshal has allied with the Demon Tribe, Paul orders the death of Altemüller for betraying the empire and befriending demons.

Altemüller, however, is able to break through the Rigüler defenses easily enough and confronts Kaiser Paul, accusing him of killing those in line before him. Geier is killed first, but when Altemüller goes to kill Paul, he falls from the cliff, and Altemüller assumes his death.

Paul in Limbus

Paul is next seen in Limbus, the realm of the living and the dead. Not realizing what has happened, he is approached by God of disorder, Chaos. Seeing Paul's anger and his desire to rule, Chaos realizes that Paul is a much better avatar than Altemüller ever could have been.

He offers Paul a portion of his power which Paul greedily takes and thus becomes Chaos' new avatar, Böser.

Böser is thus reborn and finds himself at Velzeria, with Chaos also reviving Geier, who becomes one of Velzeria's new Demon Generals. Böser immediately tasks Geier with stealing a maiden to help revive Chaos, Geier chooses the woman closest to Diehärte.

Diehärte rushes to Velzeria Castle and confronts Böser in the ensuing battle, Böser is defeated, but because of Langrisser. Sensing that Langrisser is no ordinary sword, Böser makes it clear that he will return and that he will deal with the holy blade then.

Thus Böser is defeated for the first time.

Langrisser I

The dark prince makes his returning during the events of Langrisser I. Ultimately behind Dalsis' attack on Baldea, he thus able to break Langrisser's seal. During these events, his two primary servants are Nicolis and Nagya.

When Ledin and his army travel to Velzeria to deal with the Velzerian's evil, Böser meets them shortly after their arrival and welcomes them the "descendants of Elthlead." Böser makes it clear that his ambition has not faded, and that with Langrisser's seal broken he still aims to take over the whole world.

Böser sets his two servants to fight the Descendants of Light but tells them that he awaits them in the Underground Sanctuary of Velzeria castle.

After defeating both Nicolis and Nagya, the Baldean army is able to make to the dark sanctuary. Böser notes his surprise that they are able to make it, but he says they will not stop the revival of Chaos and indeed he is able to hold them off long enough for Chaos to be revived, but he is defeated before he can the Dark God reenter the world.

Langrisser II

When Bernhardt and Egbert seek the power to unify the continent they are able to find Alhazard, but with it the dark prince, Böser.

Langrisser IV

Böser travels to Yeless during the events of this game and is one of the many political parties vying for power in the Regenburgh Federation. While he schemes he goes under the name of Faelart.

Langrisser Mobile

Böser has revived once more after his seeming utter defeat in Langrisser IV & V. Now he heads the church of the Hyborea Empire and is known as the Archbishop Gamino.

Alternative Timelines


Paul is no longer Böser in the events of Schwarz, having instead been replaced by a dark elf.

See Böser (Schwarz)

Langrisser RE:Incarnation

Böser defeat at the end of Langrisser IV seems permanent once more, with Licorice Lovina seeming to be the new Böser.




  • Kaiser Kleist III


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