Omega Ω-133
Personal Data
Japanese オメガ
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Human
Birthplace Unknown
Position Enhanced Human
Starting Class
Voice Actor Hideyuki Hori


Another one of the many experiments of Gizlof's. Omega (Ω-133) is considered to be one of Gizlof's successful experiments. He eventually comes to service of the Crimzonian Lainforce.


Gizlof's Experiment Code

  • Japanese:オメガ
  • English: Omega
  • Code: Ω-133

Real Name

Never Revealed

Name Etymology

Omega is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet.


Omega was an orphan who ended up in the service of Gizlof. Omega feels a deep appreciation for the man whom he considers raised him and even after Gizlof's death continues to see him a good light.

Three years before the events of Langrisser V, he was teamed up with Werner von Egil to help Gizlof accomplish his plans. He is one who helped Gizlof abduct Mariandel and McClaine.

Sometime after Werner was fatally wounded, Omega was also experimented upon by Gizlof giving him the power to access the orbital satellite with Langrisser. He can also absorb the spiritual power of Langrisser and add it to his strength.

Langrisser V

Omega is first encountered in the beginning of the events of Langrisser V. He is in the same lab that housed Sigma and Lambda. While Lainforce and Aizel search the lab for the "Critical Element," when Omega suddenly awakes and escapes his pod.

Lainforce directs Aizer to capture Sigma and Lambda while he focuses on Omega. Although Omega engages him in combat he is quickly defeated. He bemoans his loss and blames the fact that he does not hold Langrisser.

Lambda reveals to Sigma as they escape the lab, that Omega was created in a similar way as Sigma. Further on when Sigma and the other reach Gizlof's lab it is revealed that Omega and Sigma were created to use Langrisser in order to harness some power. However, Sigma is only able to use it once, while Omega is able to recover and use it again.

Omega is next seen when Aizel returns to Lainforce to admit his failure. Omega is then tasked with tracking down Sigma and Lambda since they are "of the same kind," it would be easier to Omega.

Omega runs in Sigma once more in El Sallia. He reveals that Sigma isn't a clone, but actually a fighter who had come from El Sallia and who had been killed. He also reveals that prior to Sigma come to Yeless he had been Gizlof's main henchmen. Omega notes that Gizlof must have been successful in reviving Sigma, but also notes that Sigma must have lost his memory in the process.

Omega had planned on fighting Sigma, but loses interest once he finds that Sigma has no clue who or what he is.

Eventually, Omega travels to Velzeria in search of Langrisser, but he decides that Aizel and his men should deal with all the demons roaming around. Thereafter he meets with Aizel to inform him that the sword is located in Velzeria Castle. Aizel thanks Omega for the information and he response that "I'm counting on you to succeed."

After this, Omega sets off to find Sigma and kill him. Upon meeting him again, Mariandel reveals that Omega is the one who had to capture her and her brother. Omega shrugs it and is more concerned if Sigma's memory has returned, which it hadn't. Annoyed he decides to go ahead and kill Sigma anyways.

In the ensuing battle when Mariandel comes to face him he is surprised to see hate in her eyes, but informs her that even if she calls herself Mary now, she is no longer simply human, but enhanced like Sigma and him. Furthermore, he taunts her that if he hadn't abducted her it would have been Sigma.

Sigma then steps into the fight, where Omega informs him that he's been itching to fight Sigma for a while but couldn't while Gizlof was still around. In the end, he is bested by Sigma and is forced to retreat.

He is next encountered as Sigma and his armies race to get Langrisser bother Sigma and the Crimzonians race to get the holy sword, but in the end Sigma's group reaches it first. Oncre more Sigma and Omega fight and once more Omega loses. In his lost this time he cannot fathom it as he is the superior experiment that his modifications are supposed to be better than Sigma's.

Omega is next seen in the Town of Valtaar where he commands the Crimzonian Knights to attack the civilians knowing that it is Sigma and the others weakness. As they clash this time, Mary asks Omega why he is targeting them and he replies that it is Lainforce who wants them. As for Sigma it is because he hates Sigma for taking his place, that he was preferred by Gizlof and Gizlof's men. He hates all the more since Sigma is a defected experiment.

As they continue to clash he makes it clear he'll kill Sigma for Gizlof's sake. He also makes it clear that even though he doesn't have Langrisser he can still absorb its powers to increase his strength. Doing this, he still loses to Sigma. After his defeat, Lainforce is critical of his raising swords against the helpless.

After this Omega is encoutered at the entrance of the underground docks at Valtaar. Again he fights Sigma and uses his powers to increase his strength once more. This time pulling the spiritual energy from those around him in the process he heals himself and all his troops.

Even still he defeated once more and when he wonders why with his modifications, Mary points out that "modifications are only modifications" and it takes more than that and that he forgot to hone his skills. He complains that he alone can prove the genius of Lord Gizlof, but its not to be and with that he appears to die.

It is revealed, however, that he does not die when Sigma and are in the moon Pelia. During the battle, Omega claims he will kill Sigma so he can save those on Gaia.

After their battle, Omega helps Sigma to initiate the self-destruct sequence but he dies due to his wounds afterward.


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