Personal Data
Japanese オーヴァ
Gender Male
Race Elf
Birthplace Unknown
Position Sword Sage
Starting Class Archmage
Voice Actor Minoru Inaba


A mysterious old man who knows the way to make the Haja no Ken into a holy blade.


  • Japanese: オーヴァ
  • English: Olver
  • Chinese:
  • Korean: 오바
  • Also seen as:

Name Etymology

A surname, which appears to be an older form of the name Oliver and it may ultimately come from the Norse name Olifr which means 'honorable ancestor."


Olver is an old friend of Jessica.

Olver is first seen during the events of Langrisser III when the demon general Rag attacks him upon the order of Böser so that the Haja no Ken cannot be enhanced and thus assuring Velzerian victory.

As Rag's demons are attacking Olver's house, Diehärte arrives with the other forces of Elthlead and are able to drive the Demon Tribe away. Once Olver is safe, Diehärte explained why they needed help and the old man goes right away to help.

He explains that in order to forge a Holy Blade they need to reach Lady Lushiris in heaven. Once in heaven, he, along with Jessica, join in the ceremony to fuse Sieghart's soul to the Haja no Ken and are able to forge Langrisser.

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