Personal Data
Japanese ニコリス
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Dalsis
Position Velzerian Mage
Starting Class Arch Mage
Voice Actor Bandō Naoki1 Tomohisa Asai2


A Velzerian sorcerer that the Baldean forces must face before entering the inner sanctuary of Velzeraia castle.

"Oh ye who dwells within the darkness of the void… Lord of lies and death. I swear my soul to walk the path of darkness, An awaiting vessel for your vast powers! Suecia Nuel Kaos. Mulvi Ricohn!" Nicolis, Scenario 17.


  • Japanese: ニコリス
  • English: Nicolis3
  • Chinese: 尼高里斯
  • Korean: 니코리스
  • Also seen as: Nikellis4
  • Warsong: Mortimus

Name Etymology

Nicolis is a variant of the name Nicholas. Which is from the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos) which meant "victory of the people" from Greek νικη (nike) "victory" and λαος (laos) "people"


Nicolis is a powerful sorcerer whom the Baldean forces meet several times upon their arrival in that cursed land.

Nicolis was once a Dalsis magical teacher, who in search of ancient power and knowledge of the Elthlead Wars traveled to Velzeria.5 Upon arriving in the dark country, he awakens Böser and becomes his subordinate.6

As the Baldean Forces seek to contain the evil released by Langrisser's seal being broken they come into conflict with Nicolis on a number of occasions.

Ledin first encounters Nicolis when they first reach Velzeria. Here, the Baldean forces are greeted by Böser who asks that his subordinates Nagya and Nicolis "entertain" the Baldean forces.

Nicolis and Nagya readily agree and Nicolis shows his powers, offering an incantation to Chaos he gives one of the Baldean female generals a curse of visions causing them to attack the others. Upon Jessica's advice, Ledin attacks Nicolis to break the spell and upon giving the sorcerer a grievous wound is he able to accomplish just that, after which Nicolis retreats.

Afterwards, Nicolis brings Nagya back from his near-fatal wounds for him to defend the outer perimeter of the Velzerian ruins, while he retreated to the underground Sanctuary of the castle.

The Baldean forces entered the sanctuary only to be surrounded by Nicolis' forces. There he gloats that Ledin and company fell for such a stupid trap and when Taylor says that he'll soon share Nagya's fate, Nicolis comments on he was just a stupid fool who is easily replaced.

It is here that Nicolis reveals that he was ultimately behind Digos' attack on Baldea and the theft of Langrisser.

My magic works best when the person already has exceptional power. That’s why… that Dalshis Emperor, Digos, served me so well. Why, he even managed to obtain Langrisser for me. Or weren’t you aware of his involvement, yet? - Nicolis, Scenario 19.

With that, the battle in the Underground Sanctuary commences. Despite his bravado, Nicolis falls just as Nagya before. However, Nicolis says that he has merely given Böser the time to begin the revival of Velzeria's ancient god.

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