Personal Data
Japanese ナーム
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Baldea
Position Retainer of Baldea
Starting Class Fighter
Voice Actor Saeko Shimazu,1 Yumi Tōma2
Camp Icon_Group_Light.pngIcon_Group_Princess.pngIcon_Group_Meteor.png


Narm is an excellent horseman. She served as the commander of the Baldea's guard. Narm also managed to escape when Baldea Castle was under siege.

"You are the lowest scum humanity has to offer!" - Narm speaking to Nicolis, Scenario 19


  • Japanese: ナーム
  • English:Narm3
  • Chinese: 娜姆
  • Korean: 나므
  • Also seen as: Namu4, Nurm5
  • Warsong: Sabra

Name Etymology

Persian نرم (narm) meaning "soft, fragile, gentle." Or the Korean noun Narm signifies either a single tree or multiple trees.


Narm is one of the Baldean Commanders who participates in the defense of the castle when Dalsis attacks. King Isaac ordered her to aid his son, Prince Ledin in escaping from the castle.

This she does, but after leading Ledin and Volkoff to safety, she turns back to help defend Baldea castle.

After the defense of Salrath, Narm arrived to deliver the news of Baldea's fall. Revealing that she and King Isaac were among the last of the defenders. However, when the castle's fall was certain, the king secured her escape before fighting alone to the end.

During the battle, Narm had received an injury, but nevertheless, when the prince set off to liberate Baldea she joined him. Noting: "It's not enough to keep me out of the battlefield." She then gives Ledin a sword of his father's and apologizes for not being able to do more. But Ledin is quick to note none of this is her fault.

Narm then suggests that to avoid the balk of Imperial forces that Baldean forces through Riggs Forest.

Narm continued to help Ledin and is one of the Baldean Generals who helped to liberate Baldea Castle. Promising that Dalsis would pay for the deaths of Isaac and Volkoff and that they'll not do as they please in Castle Baldea. She continued to serve the prince as he engaged the Dalsis Empire in order to retrieve Langrisser.

At the Warl Rapids, she advises the prince against engaging the enemy serpent knights in the water and when the enemy Kraken appears worries that the power of darkness had already awakened.

Even after they retrieve Langrisser, Narm continues to assist the prince as they try to seal the evil unleashed, going with him to Velzeria.

It is there that she is her mind is temporarily controlled by the wicked sorcerer Nicolis until the Baldea forces are able to break his concentration.

During the journey, she grew close to the Lance, a former Dalsis Royal Guard. When he seeks to curb the incoming Velzerian forces, Narm pleads "Lance! You can’t fight them alone, it’s too dangerous!" And murmured to him "… Please. You have to come back alive."


In order to master the way of the sword, she left the kingdom on a journey.

As she became more confident, one day she tried to confront a group of evil wizards terrorizing the western lands.

Having won the fierce battle, she obtained great fame and treasure.

After that, it's said she became the fencing instructor of a country.

She left for further training in swordsmanship.





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