Personal Data
Japanese ナーギャ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Velzeria
Position Velzerian Mage
Starting Class Zauberer
Voice Actor Kazuo Nishikawa1 Yasuhiko Kawatsu2


A Velzerian wizard who serves the Prince of Darkness, Böser. His tutor in the dark arts was Nicolis. The Baldean forces face him a number of times prior to going to Velzeria and again once they reach that dark land.

"Enthrall my limbs and strengthen me! Gordith, Zarath, Momoch! I call thee, eternal soul of the Earth." Nagya, Scenario 18


  • Japanese: ナーギャ
  • English: Nagya3
  • Chinese: 那伽
  • Korean: 나가
  • Warsong: Naxos

Name Etymology
Perhaps from the Sanskrit नाग (nāga, “cobra”)


Once a guide to Velzeria before meeting Nicolis who had come in search of ancient dark arts, he becomes his student and follows Nicolis into further darkness.4

Eventually he meets Böser who manipulated him and turned him into one of his commanders. Nagya became one of Velzeria's top commanders.

Nagya had a particular skill in controlling monsters as well as being able to create golems.

Nagya is first seen when the Baldean forces stumbled upon a village beset by a pack of wolfmen. He quickly proclaims his allegiance to Chaos and at first wishes to sacrifice one of the Descendants of the Light before turning to the village itself. Despite the onslaught of wolfmen he commanded, the Baldea. Forces are victorious.

He is encountered next when the Great Dragon appears and attacks the town where Kossel resided. The dragon that appeared seemed to be summoned by the dark wizard. Again Nagya is defeated in this battle.

The third battle with Nagya is when the Baldean forces reach Velzeria, he is tasked by Böser to "entertain" the Baldean forces with his master Nicolis.

The final confrontation with Nagya happens at the ruins of Velzeria. Nagya is confident that he can win this time, having been given more by power by his master. With that, he summons three golems, Gordith, Zarath, and Momoch. Despite the raw powers of these golems Nagya is defeated once more, here, however, he receives a deathblow.

In this battle, Lance realized that Nagya was behind the monster attack that killed Laetitia.

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