Personal Data
Japanese マーキャヴォイ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Ibbas
Position General of the Legion of Scorn
Starting Class High Lord
Voice Actor Unknown


One of the leading generals of the Ibbas union. McAvoy leads the mercenary army known as the Legion of Scorn. Recently he was stationed in the northern city of Carmen.


  • Japanese: マーキャヴォイ
  • Chinese: ?
  • English: McAvoy
  • Also Romanized as McEvoy


McAvoy was one of the mercenary generals who helped to protect the Ibbas Union. At thes start of the events of Langrisser Mobile, he has been stationed in the far north in the remote city of Carmen.

As the Swordsmith Legion is chased by the imperial army, McAvoy is goaded into to chasing them by fellow Ibbas General Enteri. Warning that they are collecting mana stones for a weapon. Believing Enteri and not daring to risk the fragile peace he sets out to chase the Swordsmith Legion.

Only after Tiseo once again is a floating city, does McAvoy return back to his post in Carmen, when demons attack.

Despite the battles against McAvoy, he shows himself to being an honorable man. When Carmen City is attacked by demons, despite being ordered back to the capital he remains to defend its citizens. When Matthew and the others show up to help defend Carmen, McAvoy gives Matthew a letter to give to Alustriel.

When the battle is almost over, Enteri shows up, and McAvoy thinking he has come to help, is suddenly killed by the man who reveals himself to be Demon General Geier.

He will later be reanimated and used for Bozel's purposes by Deathcaller Grove.

Names and Etymologies
Language Name Notes
English McAvoy A common Irish surname McAvoy originally appeared in Gaelic as "Mac Fhiodhbhuidhe," which is probably derived from the word "fiodhbhadhach," referring to "a woodman."
Japanese マーキャヴォイ McAvoy
Chinese 麦卡沃伊 -
Korean 마케보이 -
Other McEvoy1

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