Personal Data
Japanese レスター
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Unknown
Position Pirate Captain
Starting Class Pirate
Voice Actor Kazuki Yao


A former pirate who has devoted himself to protecting a sorceress.

"I am Lady Jessica's student, Lester. My sole duty is to drive away questionable folks who want to "get acquainted" with her." ~ Lester, Scenario 10 MD


  • Japanese: レスター
  • English: Lester


Lester is something of a retainer to Jessica, after she casts her Rebirth spell, and lost most of her magic he made it his duty to protect her. Their relationship started much earlier then her rebirth, as he had known her since he was a child. Lester's father was a pirate, and as such he was raised to be a pirate. When Lester was 9, his father was trying to steal back treasure that had been stolen from him and his crew. A rival group of pirates defeated them and sank their pirate ship, Lester at 9 years could do nothing but wait for them to kill him as well. It was due to Jessica interference that he was saved. It was her kindness that lead to him to give up the piracy life. He decided to follow her, and became her apprentice alongside Egbert. He was not gifted in magical arts like Egbert, whom he had come to consider like a brother. Egbert however became possessed with obtaining power, this ultimately lead to Egbert to leave when Jessica underwent her rebirth. Lester considered this act to be a betrayal to Jessica.

Lester since that day has made it duty to protect Jessica. He became known as the Guardian of Rall River, alongside some fellow pirate friends of his and such when Erwin and his group come to visit Jessica, he stands in their way. It is only due to Keith, an old friend that he guides Erwin's group to Jessica. Egbert shows up shortly afterwards, having dealt with Lester's "mates." He came seeking the knowledge of the whereabouts of the Dark Rod. However before Lester can stop him, he sets fire to Jessica's House and flees leaving behind a group of Magicians.

Lester assist Erwin and his group with defeating this group along with protecting Jessica, after they battle they rush towards the Sanctuary of Reitel. Upon reaching the sanctuary they find the Dark Rod intact, but they also find that it is being protected by the undead. Egbert soon shows up and take the Dark Rod before teleporting away, leaving Lester and Erwin's group to defeat the undead that was protecting the rod before they invade a village. After the battle Jessica determines that the best course of action would be to obtain Langrisser. She ask Lester to join Erwin's group to help with obtaining Langrisser.

After the war Lester had felt that he had repaid his debt to Jessica, he left to find somewhere he could lead a peaceful life. he sprung into action when he heard a rumor of a monster making trouble in small port town. He defeated the monsters, and found himself being rewarded by the townsfolk, using the rewards money he was able to get himself a ship and crew and set sail looking for another adventure.



Class Charts

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Knight Master
Highlander Grand Knight
Knight Magic Knight Silver Knight
Fighter Crocodile Knight Serpent Knight Serpent Lord Serpent Master
Shaman Bishop Paladin
Mage Wizard
Archmage Zarvera


Dragon Lord
Dragon Knight
Captain Serpent Lord Serpent Master
Pirate Serpent Knight
Assassin Knight Master
Sword Master
Langrisser II
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