Lance Kalxath
Personal Data
Japanese ランス・カルザ
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Dalsis Empire
Position Captain of Dalsis Imperial Guard later King of Kalxath
Starting Class Dragon Lord
Voice Actor Kazuhiko Inoue
Camp Icon_Group_Empire.pngIcon_Group_WisdomAndCourage.pngIcon_Group_Light.png


Lance Kalxath was a Dalsis general that Ledin encountered in several battles as the prince sought to reclaim his throne and Langrisser.

"I am the Black Knight, Lance Kalxath! You worms aren’t fit to be my enemies!" - Lance, Scenario 5


  • Japanese: ランス カルザ
  • English: Lance1 Kalxath2
  • Chinese: 兰斯
  • Korean: 란스
  • Also seen as: Rans3
  • Warsong: Lance Kalzas

Name Etymology

From the Germanic name Lanzo, originally a short form of names that began with the element land meaning "land". During the Middle Ages it became associated with Old French lance "spear, lance".


  • Japanese: 黒騎士
  • English: The Black Knight4


Captain of the Imperial Guards, Lance Kalxath, was also known as the Black Knight. Lance would face Prince Ledin in a number of different battles, as Baldea and Dalsis fought one another. Despite being Ledin’s enemy, Lance showed himself repeatedly to be an honorable foe, even if he desperately tried to best the Baldean Prince.

Lance is loyal to his kaiser, Digos and cannot comprehend that Ledin could somehow best him.

The Baldean forces first encountered Lance after they had exited the Forest of Death. Lance blocked the Baldean’s forces way to their castle, with his division. With his are Colonel Laias and Colonel Laetitia. In this initial engagement, Lance was forced to retreat, but he even as he retreats, he vowed that Ledin and him would once again cross blades.

After this first battle with Ledin, Lance stopped at a village with his remaining troops to resupply, when monsters suddenly attacked. In the confusion, Lance hesitated and is almost killed by a monster, but Laetitia, who had long harbored feelings for Lance, jumped in front of the blade meant for him and is mortally wounded.5

The Baldean forces encountered Lance once again when the general showed up to reinforce Bernoulli at Anzel Fortress. Once more Lance and Laias attempt to stop the Baldean forces, but they are once more forced to retreat.

As the Baldean forces moved to rid Dalsis from their lands and they moved to destroy Commander Zaldaff’s army. Once more, Lance and Laias showed up to stop the Baldea. With increasing defeats, Lance is more determined than ever to stop Ledin and the prince is more annoyed than ever with the Black Knight. After his horse killed, Lance found himself once more forced to retreat.

After this battle, Lance began a pursuit of monsters that had invaded the Dalsis lands. While contending with these monsters he ended up at the Warl Rapids, where the Baldea Forces had engaged the Dalsis forces under the commander of Celia.

Lance’s attention remained on the monsters until they were defeated and then he turned to the Baldean forces, only to be forced to retreat once more.

When the Baldean forces attack the Twin Castles, Lance, once more appeared to try to protect the Dalsis Capital. In the midst of the attack, more monsters suddenly attack the castle. Once more Lance set aside his differences between Ledin and commanded his forces to concentrate on the monsters first. With the monsters defeated, he turned his attention back to Ledin, but in this battle, he bested once more and given a grievous wound.

Upon seeing the wound, Ledin refuses to continue their duel, lest Lance do more harm to himself.

In the chaos of Dalsis’ defeat, Lance fled his country and was soon set upon by the demons unleashed by Langrisser’s broken seal. Eventually, he ended up in the village and found himself unable to protect the village beset by basilisks, which he cannot even harm.

He is ultimately turned to stone by the monsters. It is not until the Baldean forces happen upon the village that they are able to free Lance and the others turned to stone. After the battle, Ledin explained the appearance of the monsters to Lance and the former Dalsis general joined the Baldean forces to help stop the evils.

However, he does make it clear that once the monsters are dealt with, his duel with Ledin will resume.

Ledin continued to support the Baldean forces as they made their way to Velzeria, facing the various Velzerian evils. During this time, Lance and Narm grow close.

After the defeat of Nagya at the gates of Castle Velzeria, a massive demonic war party appeared. Lance stayed behind to curb their assault and allow Ledin and the rest to get into the inner sanctuary and to stop Böser.

In so doing, he is wounded grievously and goes missing in action.


Thanks to Ledin, Lance battled the demons of Velzeria.

After the fierce battle against the demons in Velzeria, he developed amnesia due to a severe injury.

However, he recovered his memory when he again met Narm, and together they revived the kingdom of Kalxath with a new generation.


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