Personal Data
Japanese レティシア
Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Dalsis
Position Dalsis Colonel
Starting Class Silver Knight
Voice Actor Emi Uwagawa1
Camp Icon_Group_Empire.pngIcon_Group_WisdomAndCourage.png


A Dalsis Colonel under the command of the Black Knight, Lance Kalxath. Laetitia engaged the Baldean forces in Lance's first encounter. She isone of Lance's closest aides.

"Captain Lance…" - Laetitia, Scenario 5


  • Japanese: レティシア
  • English: Laetitia2
  • Chinese: 雷蒂希亚
  • Korean: 레티시아
  • Also seen as: Leticia3

Name Etymology

Late Latin name Laetitia which meant "joy, happiness". This was the name of an obscure saint, who is revered mainly in Spain. It was in use in England during the Middle Ages, usually in the spelling Lettice, and it was revived in the 18th century.


Laetitia was one of the colonels under the authority of Dalsis general, Lance, she assisted him in various battles, although in the events of Langrisser, I, we see her only participate in one battle. Lance places great trusts in Laetitia and considered her his most capable adjutant. Like her fellow colonel, Laias, her fighting style was typical of the Dalsis army.

As noted, Laetitia is seen in one during the events of Langrisser I. In particular, during Lance’s first engagement against Ledin, she assisted. During the battle, Laetitia was tasked with taking the left wing of the division and circle around the Baldean Forces. When she is defeated by Baldean Forces, Lance orders her to retreat, which Laetitia protests, "But I can go on!"

Lance concern is clear when replied to her. "You only get one life. There will be other battles. I order you to retreat!" Therefore, Laetitia retreats.

At some point after this first battle but before Lance ends up petrified. Lance's squadron stopped at a village to resupply when a large group of monsters suddenly attacks them. Lance experiences a moment of panic and loses many young soldiers. In the ensuing battle, Laetitia jumped in front of Lance, protecting his life, but received a mortal wound in the process.

Her death caused Lance to realize how deeply he cared for her.4


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