Personal Data
Japanese 霧風
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Yamato
Position Samurai
Starting Class Fighter
Voice Actor Eiji Itō
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A samurai from a distant kingdom to the east known as Yamato. He is a warrior with amazing skills who is agile and deadly with his dual blades. Kirikaze has traveled from his homeland to El Sallia, tracking the mysterious Velzerian assassin who killed his former master.


  • Japanese: 霧風
  • English: Kirikaze
  • Chinese: 雾风
  • Korean: 키리카제

Name Etymology
A Combination of two Japanese kanji: 霧 Kiri - fog and 風 Kaze - wind.


A samurai from the Eastern lands of Yamato (倭国, Kingdom of Yamato). Fifteen years before the events of Langrisser III his homeland was invaded by an army of demons lead by a woman. It left his country "devoured by flames." During the battle at Fort Hakusan his master and his master's family were also killed by Feraquea

He traveled to El Sallia in search of the evil sorceress who led that attack. He wields two blades, his favorite blade is the Kotetsu "Tiger Strike."

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