Ka Shind


A prideful but powerful Shika shaman who Diehärte faces in his search for Sophia.


Ka Shind fist appears in scenario 9, Diehärte and his entourage seeking Sophia, entered the Shika hunting ground when Ka Shind stops them from going any further. Ka Shind declared himself the greatest shaman among the Shika and attacked.

Calling among the "Great Mother of Many Souls" Ka Shind causes a fog to cover the battlefield and seal the magical powers of Diehärte's group, Riffany noticing it right away.

Eventually, Emaillink shows up and battles the shaman and although Ka Shind continues to boast, he is defeated by the Rigüler general.

Later on after the rescue of Sophia, it is revealed that the Velzerian evil, Rag, had revived Ka Shind. Rag then sends Ka Shind to attack both Diehärte and his fellow Shika clanmates, lead by his former Chieftain Keh Shikairo.

Here too is he defeated and killed once again by the combined forces of Keh Shikairo and Diehärte

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